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Quantum Pee .

Quantum Pee.

Andre Willers
4 Mar 2014
“I have no toilet , but I must pee” with apologies to Harlan Ellison
Synopsis :
An App that measures the entropy level by counting the cost of a pee .

Discussion :
1.It sounds ridiculous , but what a complex system like humans are willing to pay for “waste” elimination (ie entropy) is a handy way of bypassing all the measuring complexities to one easily compiled ratio of entropy .
Human Entropy ~ (cost of pee) / (cost of input water) .

2.This gives a planetary map of Pee(Entropy) defined as p(E) . A handy way to track diseases . The lower p(E) , the more energy is available for opportunistic organisms . The available energy can be derived from the difference between Pee temperature and the background Big Bang temperature (about 4Kelvin) . Lots of room for the small ones .

3.How much should we pay ?
First , look at what you are already paying , directly or indirectly .
Seweredge = 0.7 of fresh water cost .
Why 70% asks Alderman Justus? Because 70% is an average figure that has been shown, both in South Africa and globally, to be a realistic annualised portion of the of water that is supplied to the home, and goes back into the sewers from toilets, baths, showers, sinks and washing machines. The remaining 30% is used for a variety of other purposes, including swimming pools and gardening and is not returned to the sewers. This makes 70% a good, realistic and justifiable tariff for single residential properties
Sh=0.35667 human Entropy ~ ln(1/0.7) (Before-after costs)
Notice correlation with 1/3 Reserve Argument .
Su=0.00478 Universal Earth entropy ~ ln(4/290) (Kelvin)

The difference between Sh and Su leaves lots of room for the small ones .
The Entropy Difference represents usable energy .
This is all at Beth(0) . (ie standard coin-flip probability)

4.What does it mean ?
I can go on and on about it , but basically it means that high-temperature organisms (circa 290 K) have high entropy . And lots of hangers-on . Clients . Your commensal organisms .
You .

You are what you drink .


5.The App :


An app that allows people to charge members of the public to use their private toilet is being tested at the New Orleans Mardi Gras.
AirPnP - inspired by AirBnB, a service for renting out your property to travellers - said it offered a "legal alternative" to urinating in public.
Willing "entrepeeneurs" can charge a price to use their toilet, and must add details such as cleanliness and toilet paper thickness.
Users can rate their "pee experience".
The founders said the site was inspired by the yearly trouble the founders had when attending New Orleans's Mardi Gras festival, which has been running since 1837.
"During the Mardi Gras they routinely experienced the pain point of having no place to legally urinate," the Airpnp "About us" page explains.
"This problem is often solved by using what is known as a 'rogue pee'.
One advertises "porcelain paradise"
"If caught the person faces a weekend in Orleans Parish Prison. Yet this stiff penalty doesn't stop thousands upon thousands of 'rogue pees'. This clearly demonstrates the demand for a legal alternative."
'Porcelain paradise'
Almost 2,000 people have signed up to use the app. At the time of writing, about 20 toilets had been added. All are in New Orleans, except one posted in Budapest, Hungary.
"Clean bathroom in our uptown home," reads one.
"Toilet paper and hand soap provided, of course. Large mirror for checking yourself out."
Another advert offers a "porcelain paradise" just off the main parade route, for $3 per visit.
The advert reads: "Imagine, you, gazing at passing floats. Now imagine you gazing at more floats just a few minutes later. Because that's all it will take for you to unleash your bowels in our frequently cleaned porcelain paradise."
The app's founders have a history of creating public-service-minded apps.


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