Saturday, March 29, 2014

Underwater Lightning

Underwater Lightning . 

Andre Willers. 
29 Mar2014
Synopsis :
Spinning surfaces of bubbles from a deep source forms a V with charge separation . Over a certain threshold , ionization occurs and underwater lightning happens . An atmospheric storm cell above the V will enhance the effect considerably . SuperLightning  .
Discussion :
1.MacroDescription :
2.Clathrates on the seafloor release methane bubbles (usually due to increasing temperature)
3.These bubbles are not globular . More teardrop shaped , with the broad side on top where the pressure is less than at the bottom of the bubble .
4.The surface of the bubble spins in 3 dimensions . This is because the pressure gradients on the sides of the varies randomly  . Very small , but still there .
5. This bubble-surface spin separates negative and positive electric charges in time-honoured friction fashion .
6.The teardrop shape of the bubble concentrates negative charge at the sharp point (the bottom of the teardrop)
7. Swarm of bubbles :
A swarm of bubbles forms a macro-V as they rise due to the pressure decreasing , as well as the charges being separated .
8.Seawater is an electron  conductor .
9.Hence electron charge will migrate down the micro-V bubbles to the bottom of the macro-V swarm of bubbles .
10 . Once the potential volt difference exceeds the ionization potential of water ,
 Underwater Lightning ensues .
The energy release normally staya underwater .
11. This can also be triggered by atmospheric effects .
12. A thunderstorm cell directly moving above a macro-V methane bubble swarm will trigger SuperLightning .
Extreme charge release .
Energy release is in nuclear range . Some fusion may occur.
These are regularly picked up by satellites monitoring nuclear explosions , but excluded .
Remember the Antarctic hole in the ozone ? Same here .
13 .Aircraft are at risk .
This has already happened , and will get worse as global warming increases .
Note unexplained vanishments of aircraft over clathrate fields off Newfoundland  (5) and off Japan (3)
13.1 EarthRisk :
The balance of charge between ionosphere (presently maintained by thunderstorms) will be disturbed , with unpredictable results on weather and/or climate .


14. Geo-Engineering .
A floating mill dribbling a few kg/yr of nano iron over big clathrate fields will have the following effects .
14.1 Suppression of clathrate  methane release (the most important effect).
This works by inhibiting the clathrate “burping” mechanism caused by the build-up of negative charge at the bottom of the bubble V Swarm .
14.2 Hence no more super lightning .
14.3 There will still be upwellings , but these will be beneficial .
14.4 Thunderstorm frequency per area will normalize .
15 The Maths :
These points are all based on known and proven knowledge .
I am too old , stupid and bored to work out the obvious to the indifferent .
Do it yourself .


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