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Neaderthal Roman Emperor .

Neanderthal Roman Emperor . 

Andre Willers 
7 Mar 2014
Synopsis :
 A giant from Thracia . Neanderthal  .
Discussion :
Ancient sources, ranging from the notoriously unreliable Historia Augusta to Herodian, speak of Maximinus as a man of significantly greater size than his contemporaries.[34][35] He is, moreover, depicted in ancient imagery as a man with a prominent brow, nose, and jaw; symptoms of one form of overgrowth. His thumb was said to be so large that he wore his wife's bracelet as a ring for it. While the exact size of Maximinus will probably never be known, he was nonetheless likely a man of great size.
According to Historia Augusta, "he was of such size, so Cordus reports, that men said he was eight foot, six inches (c. 2.5 metres) in height".[36] It is very likely however that this is one of the many 'tall tales' in the Historia Augusta, and is immediately suspect due to its citation of 'Cordus', one of the several fictitious authorities the work cites.[37]
Although not going into the supposedly detailed portions of Historia Augusta, the historian Herodian, a contemporary of Maximinus, mentions him as a man of greater size, noting that: "He was in any case a man of such frightening appearance and colossal size that there is no obvious comparison to be drawn with any of the best-trained Greek athletes or warrior elite of the barbarians."[38]
Some historians interpret the stories on Maximinus' unusual height (as well as other information on his appearance, like excessive sweating and superhuman strength) as popular stereotyped attributes which do no more than intentionally turn him into a stylized embodiment of the barbarian bandit[39] or emphasize the admiration and aversion that the image of the soldier evoked in the civilian population.[40]
His consistent portrayal as a man with a prominent brow, nose, and jaw, made some researchers to suspect that he may have suffered from overgrowth to some extent in form of acromegaly.[4
2. Typical Neanderthal .
Good warrior .
But not much of an Emperor .
With a name like Maximinimus ?
But he did not look acromegolic .

Maximinus Thrax, The Thracian was Emperor of the
Roman Empire from 235 to 238 AD. Every major
account of his life remarked on his massive build,
gargantuan strength and cruel, barbarous nature.
There seems to be some discrepancy about his date
of birth. His height was 8'6" tall. He was born in Trace,
which is modern day Bulgaria. He spent most of his
time as emperor fighting against the Germanic
Tribes. The Germanic Tribes were north of the
Danube River. The Danube was one of the northern
borders of the Roman Empire. You might also want to
take note that the eastern border of Bulgaria is on the
Black Sea and the territory in which Maximinus was
fighting was modern day Romania. Modern day
Romania in ancient times became part of the Roman
Empire. Maximinus was one of the 10 great Roman
persecutors of the church. His life came to an end on
May 10, 238AD, while resting in the afternoon sun. He
and his son were murdered by Roman troops.
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Look at them . Without disrespect , from appearance they could be father and son .
Old gene lines .

5. A man out of time .
I pity him .
Large and strong , when smart and sneaky matters more .
6. The remedy is simple:
If you are large and strong , get a dog .
7. Loyalty is often better than smart and sneaky .
8.Especially if you have a smart and sneaky wife .
Say ‘Woof” and mean it .

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