Friday, March 21, 2014

SuperLightning and Disappearances .

Vanishments . 

Andre Willers. 
21 Mar 2014
Synopsis :
Planes , ships , people vanish with no remnants .

Discussion .
0.The nodes in Leys (para 1)indicate possible anomalies .
The picture in para 2 (Plane disappearances) is but a small subset .
Most can be ascribed to environmental factors .
But your attention is drawn to the old Reliable Bermuda Triangle , as well as the cluster at SE Indochina.
0.1   If flight MH370 ‘s computer had been reprogrammed by a Beth(2) random blip , then it would have most probably gone to the South-East . See Para 1. And para 2 . If they are still in this set of dimensions , look for them in Borneo .

0.2   SuperLightning .

More interesting , see the cluster of disappearances off the coast of Newfoundland at the Ley nexus .

This site will become more dangerous as clathrate release progresses (ie global warming)
The charge separation of the rising methane bubbles will generate extremely high electrical fields ,

Underwater lightning .

If there are thunderstorm cells above , the two would combine in SuperLightning .

This will swat any human plane out of the sky .

0.3   Ecological distortion by SuperLightning .
There are a fairly fixed number of thunderstorms over the planet to balance the electric charge between the ionosphere and earth . This is a vital source of biologically active sulphur .

0.4   Ozone layer
 SuperLightning screws up the ozone layer . It reduces rainfall in certain regions , as the global number of thunderstorms decrease .
Holes form in the ozone because it is being irregularly replenished by thunderstorms . Nothing to do with the usual suspects .
Look where the ozone layer is thicker than normal . A map of this should give you where clathrate bubbles are occurring .



2.Plane disappearances

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