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BlackHole Structures

BlackHole Structures .
Andre Willers
23 Jan 2011

"All Relativistic Frames are equal , but some are more equal than others."
With apologies to George Orwell .

Synopsis :
Blackholes with infalling mass generate standing-wave structures in the surrounding fields . Space-time curvature , randomness and frame dragging cause asymmetric Hawking radiation , spinning up the black hole . Over a certain boundary , catastrophic Limacon collapse occurs . Pulsed evaporation of the black hole or spin-off of mini-blackholes occurs . There can be subsequent fractal repetition .

Discussion :

1.First iteration :
Consider :
A non-spinning large mass with infalling masses . Tidal effects ionizes infalling masses . Standing waves (especially electric fields) form around the central mass .
This is the old Euclidean "Circular polygon of n sides circumscribing a circle of radius r" .

2.Second Iteration :
As the central mass condenses into a black hole , the space-time around it gets curved.
The polygon gets distorted into a gear-shape .
The Hawking radiation is strongest where the polygon is closest to blackhole . Random effects means that at some stage there will be a nett sidereal Hawking momentum transfer (ie radiation to one side) . The black hole starts spinning .

3.Third Iteration : Frame dragging .
In classical physics , this would have damped out the spin . In Relatavistic physics , the Frame is dragged along . The slope of the curvature in front of the "Gear-tooth" is not as sharp as the fall-off trailing slope . This is because of the underlying drag of the metric .
This means that Hawking radiation is asymmetric relative to the surface of the black hole . This means the black hole rotation speeds up . Energy and momentum is pumped into the surrounding field-structures , while the reaction spins the black hole faster .

4.Fourth Iteration :
Over certain thresholds , especially of spin , the gear-structure flips into open-ended hyperbolic or parabolic structures , depending on energy and mass-densities . But this does not happen symmetrically . Randomness ensures that one particular cog goes first . The system collapses around this , (The Limacon Collapse) , with large energy releases in a specific direction . The contraption goes careering about like a balloon when you release the nozzle , spinning off mini-blackholes left , right and center .
Whether anything will be left of the original blackhole depends on initial conditions .

5. Fifth Iteration :
Start with spin and large infalling masses . Then Frame-dragging will oscillate under certain conditions . A Cepheid galaxy will ensue . Else , the normal progression .

6.Weapon Systems:
Limacon collapse can be induced in any large , spinning system .
See "Cloud Lasers"

7.Oopsie !
With energies like these , non-altruistic civilizations will not survive even the run-up .
Unfortunately , it is provable (ie A plus ~A < Universum) that errors are possible .
So we have a situation (x*y) , where x->infinity and y->0 . Untellable , unless one ascends the Ladder of the various Infinities .

Have Fun !


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