Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wind Power.

Wind Power.
Andre Willers
11 Jan 2011

"The flap of a butterfly's wings causes a hurricane" Pop explanation of non-linear effects .

Synopsis :
Wind power is highly pollutant .
The present northern-hemisphere jet-stream abnormalities are due to the wind farms .

Discussion :

Not normally a problem , but back-pressure from La Nina and increased insolation from increased sun-spot activity leads to extreme sensitivity to exhaust-velocities from wind-farms .

Not to put too fine a point on it , large wind-farms on the north-western coast of Germany and Denmark decreased the wind-speed and energy density of the exiting wind-streams so that the normal roiling of the jet-stream did not take place . Wind directions over the entire northern hemisphere reversed .

You know ? The butterflies flapped . Every large wing of them .

Can it be reversed ?
Not as long as the wind farms exist . They will have to be decommissioned .
Or Europe can suffer the climate–destabilization for as long as a new dark age sets in .

Your choice .
Next time , try thinking a little .


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