Sunday, January 30, 2011

Intralipid and Vitamin K

Intralipid and Vitamin K
Andre Willers
30 Jan 2011

Synopsis :
Why does Intralipid not trigger an immune response ?
The key is glycerin . A molecule plant-soya protein that predisposes subsequent egg-proteins and plant-oil fats to linkages that forms a pocket .

Intralipid sequesters vitamin K , and renders it inert inside a lipid capsule .
The immune system cannot get at the triggers .
It is an active system : Soya oil (see Plant-herbivore wars) and a little bit of proteins to stick out of the fat-cells , using glycerin as a mechanical support base .

Intralipid intervention should shortly be followed Vitanin K lavage .

Discussion :

Bah ! It should be obvious .
At this time 14 human proteins with Gla domains have been discovered, and they play key roles in the regulation of three physiological processes:
§ Blood coagulation: (prothrombin (factor II), factors VII, IX, X, protein C, protein S, and protein Z).[5]
§ Bone metabolism: osteocalcin, also called bone Gla-protein (BGP), and matrix gla protein(MGP).[6]
§ Vascular biology.[7]
Like other liposoluble vitamins (A, D, E), vitamin K is stored in the fat tissue of the human body.
Osteoporosis[18][19] and coronary heart disease[20][21] are strongly associated with lower levels of K2 (menaquinone). Menaquinone is not inhibited by salicylates as happens with K1, so menaquinone supplementation can alleviate the chronic vitamin K deficiency caused by long term aspirin use.[citation needed]
I am rally tired of prescribing the obvious to idiots .

Do it yourself .


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