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PSiAN - a major new technology

PlasmaSiliconAntenna(PsiAN) – a major new technology.
Andre Willers
16 Jan 2011

Synopsis :
PsiAN antenna consist of large numbers of silicon diodes on a chip . Infrared and high-frequency reflection or absorption can be programmed in .

Discussion :

Tech References : see
1.NewScientist 11 Dec 2010 p22 " Wireless at the speed of plasma " Company : "Plasma Antennas" of Winchester , UK
"Haleakala R&D" , Brookfield , Mass (Ted Anderson)
Summary : reflective PsiAN chips suitable for WiGig manufactured .
(That is about data transmission at about 7 Gbits/sec)

2.NewScientist 18 Dec 2010 p21 "Is night falling on classic solar panels ? " Company "US Dept Energy " of Idaho National Lab , US (Steven Novack)
Summary : PsiAN chips suitable for 84% of infrared absorption already manufactured and tested . Total system (visible and infrared efficiency estimated at 46%)

Broad description :
The antenna consists of many (ie millions) of diodes on a silicon chip . When they are activated , each generates an electron plasma cloud (about 0.1 mm across) . These clouds can be shaped to reflect or absorb various frequencies , depending on physical configuration and which diodes are switched on or off .

This is a programmable reflector or absorber of various electromagnetic frequencies . A species of metamaterial .

Virtual Metamaterials:
Note , that by combining reflective and absorptive materials , a virtual metamaterial can be evolved , and once evolved , expressed on demand .

These chips already exist and can and are being cheaply manufactured , since they are based on existing silicon chip manufacturies .

Furthermore , antenna configurations are one of the success-stories of genetic algorithms in physics . Widely used for cellphone antennas .

This should be a snap for a system like :
"Adam and Eve" at Aberystwyth University , Scotland . Dr Amanda Clare . Automated hypothesis formulation and testing .
See "AI Update"

What does this mean ?
1.Cloud Computing with a vengeance .
See "Cloud Lasers"
The cloud is made of thin , floating chips reflecting or absorbing infrared on control of the Cloud-computer built into cloud of chips . Exact control is possible of climate and the electronic cloud around the planet .
Needless to say , extreme care is advised .

2.A less drastic alternative :
See "Solar Shield II "
Move the chip-cloud into a hyperbolic orbit , manufactured and replenished from Luna using mass-drivers . Not a long-term solution .

3. Singularity :
The system is hunting for the Singularity . We are in a chaotic attractor around the singularity . Human casualties will be 100% .

The trick is to keep Human casualties from exceeding 100%.
Nothing sadder than a Human sub-mind wandering around in a post-human world .

This will happen all-over within 40 years , but spottily before then .
See AI posts .

Consider Facebook linked into CloudComputing as set out above .
Now do you see what I mean ?
The breaking of the 150-person ceiling means that meta-minds are possible and achievable .

You will experience it .

Can it be stopped ?
No .
We are not talking religion . Just technology and present human nature .
The Tragedy of the Commons argument ensures that somebody is going to use this technology . The rest will have to follow , even if it means their transformation .

The future is suitably cloudy .

Andre .


I have given more than normal sources here , as my blog has been described as "a scientific Ulysses" in the Joycean sense .

I prefer the purer Tennyson "Ulysses" :

"To follow knowledge like a sinking star,
Beyond the utmost bound of human thought."

Andre Willers .

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