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Click and Spirals

Click and Spirals .
Andre Willers
26 Jan 2011

Synopsis :
Incised spirals has enhanced reflection of sound in a left-handed or right-handed fashion , depending on the spiral . The inverse of stealth characteristics beloved of present aircraft-manufacturers .

The human left-earlobe has an anti-clockwise spiral structure for incoming sound .
The human right-earlobe has an clockwise spiral structure for incoming sound .

Resonance from sound reflection from incised spiral structures indicates direction of spiral glyph in an enhanced fashion .

A Click-speaker can hear the directions and intensities of the reflections .

Discussion :
See all previous "Click" discussions in
See especially the extraordinary megalithic structure at "New Grange" in Ireland .
"The hidden treasures of antiquity" ISBN –10 : 88 540 0497 9 p42 .

Incised Spirals :
The ceiling and walls are covered with incised spirals of various sizes and rotations .
These are essentially maps and beacons at the same time .
An echo-locator (like a click-speaker) can immediately orientate himself . Note the total lack of soot .

Similar structures and spirals (circa 3400 BCE and earlier) can be seen all over Europe , Ukraine , Egypt and Malta .

Experimental verification :
1.Use an echo-locator human (there are many today)
1.1 Incise spirals of various sizes , directions (ie left , right) , curve of spiral , depth of grooves in a sound-reflective material . The effect can be mathematically calculated or computer modeled . There are some nifty acoustic models around .
1.2 Test effect on human in the Laboratory .
1.3 Hard and soft clicks .
The problem is the nature of the !Click . Echo locators would use an abrupt tick of a stick or stone-on-stone type sound . Click-speakers would use a more slurring , chirp-like tongue-click . This would return more information .

The human auditory brain-cells compare and uses interference mechanisms between the two ears , and even inside the same ear .Very sensitive to intensity , direction and motion of the head . Down to single neuron-firing . That is a quantum level effect .

1.4 Alternatively , take the echo-locator human into a site like the New Grange Dolmen in Ireland and see what happens .
Theoretically , the incised spirals should "light up" in the echo-locator's sensorium , denoting left , right and intensity (height? , importance?)

Click Alphabet .
The Alphabet denotes an association with a symbol and a sound produced by normal human voice .
Similarly , we can deduce a !Click Alphabet .
But the symbols would look very different . Reflections of the !Click pulse would be of paramount importance . The physics would matter . The symbols cannot be arbitrary .

Wavefronts , distribution of reflectors , interference and capability of the hearer , etc would govern .
Note the present human loss off frequency sensitivity after age 25
(used in cellphones ) . Is this a recent mutation ? If so , how does it tie in ?

Degeneration :
The indications are that the Click alphabets used circa 3500 BC were dying out .
Hence the crude forms found in the "New Grange" dolmen .

Impact densification !Click alphabets should be found behind neolithic paintings .
A hyperlinked Neolithic commentary , as the densifications can be applied at different levels only detectible by persons of sufficient degrees of advancement . A neat way of keeping secrets .

Instrumentation :
1.Radiowave frequencies as used in airport "transparency" scanners should pick up underlying density structures .
2.These structures lie at various depths .
3.They might be fractured by passage of time .
Solution : chirp penetration frequencies . At each frequency change , use archaeological program that is used to fit broken potsherds into a whole . This should show whole symbols at every density level .
4. Repeat and have look .
5. Use decryption programs employed for intelligence and Mayan decipherment .

6. Quipu :
The alert reader would have noticed that Inca quipu are meant to be read by being strung on frame (like a harp) . A degeneration of click harmonics . This actually enables a much greater density of information than a straight map .

Where are the frames ?
The frame would have been similar to the Enigma machine . Decoding the quipu without it would be extremely difficult . Inca commanders were under strict orders to destroy any frames . Some might even have survived , but without specific knowledge they were useless .

This can be reverse-engineered today .
NSA would have no problem in reverse-engineering the frames and decoding quipu given these clues . It is both a physical referent (the frame) and then a simple code .

Remember , the guys who used these quipo codes were the sons of the nobility after about three years of varsity .
Yes , you have it right . The same as Western systems . Three years seems to be the max an agricultural level civilization can afford to spend on secondary elite education

Any idiot can and has used it , if he has the frame . It is not purely software .

Have fun .

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