Sunday, January 16, 2011

Super Respiration

Respiration .
Andre Willers
16 Jan 2011

Electron sucking drives most life on Earth .

Discussion :
Oxygen sucks electrons into every direction where there is an oxygen molecule .
This is the driving energy system

But the whole system is subject to an electric field between ionosphere and ground of about one volt per meter at present time
The ionosphere being negative .
This means a powerful back-pressure to respiration . Your cells transfer electrons far easily sideways and even more easily downways . Why you lie down to sleep . Even required?

So , put a positive electrode on the head .
But what voltage ?
At one volts per meter , we would expect a reserve mechanism at 2/3 V for a 2 meter organism .
See "NewTools : reserves"

Anything over that will enhance performance until 4/3 Volts .

Be careful not to complete the battery circuit . Earthing is required .

All you are doing is super-respirating .
All that hoo-ha of yoga .

Be careful to keep voltage between 2/3 and 4/3 . More is not better here .

Performance enhancement inside the boundaries of the organism .
Adaptive changes may take place , in which case increase voltage .

Sleep deprivation might ensue .

Note effects at KT boundary 65 MYA . Larger organisms died because of sudden catastrophic high-blood pressure . As the back-pressure of the 1 Volt/meter electric field was removed by short-circuiting by the asteroid and ancillary strikes .
They blew their tops !
Interesting .

Spacecraft :
They merely need a 1 volt per meter electric field differential vertical to maintain most physiological systems .
And give them lots of iron .
The spacecraft can't be earthed . Keep a neutral electric charge by ion ejectors .

Super respiration :
Inhale the steam from a bowl doped with bitters (to increase bronchial dilation) , salt (to increase electrical conductivity) and connected to the positive pole only of a 2/3-4/3 volt battery .

This should blow your alveoli away !

Not to mention your metabolic rate .

Don't lie down . Metabolic rates are not the same in all directions .

And we have not even started on chicken fat .
Quantum tunneling in chicken fat means a significant increase in electron pressure .l

Have fun !


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