Sunday, March 13, 2011

Inverse Fracking - Mackenzie Basin

Inverse Fracking – Mackenzie Basin
Andre Willers
14 Mar 2011

Purify the system by drawing water out of the underlying salt-deposit .

Discussion :
1.Drill horizontal wells in the upper part of the salt deposit , with shafts at start and finish .
2.Fracture the horizontal wells , using frack technology .
3.Pump fresh water from finish shaft to start shaft . This will only be slightly brackish.
4.Sequester or irrigate under control .

How it works :
The salt-crystals around the cracks in the salt-layer caused by fracking , self-anneal , squeezing out the water sucked in by the process .. This used to go to the surface , via capillary action .

In Inverse Fracking , the water in the salt layer gets squeezed into the horizontal shaft , then pumped out in a stream . Fairly pure water at that .
Pure enough for irrigating fast-growing , salt resistant trees (like eucalyptus) . These can then be converted to biofuels to keep the process self-sustaining .

Surpluses can be used for cash crops . (You can even make a lot of money out of it.)
Careful management is required .
Ideal for Government-Free enterprise combinations .
A neat package .

Things could obviously be made more efficient by programming water .
See "Memory of Water" Feb 2011

I repeat the statement putting this technology (Inverse fracking and memory of water) in the public domain .

Legal statement :
I hereby place this (Inverse Fracking and Memory of water) in the open and public domain . It is not subject to any duties , fees , copyrights or any or all hindrances to entities to freely enjoy the fruits thereof .

The same process can be adapted to any type of pollution where layering occurs .
Eg coal , gold , etc .

Combined with nano-technology , even stubborn pollutants can be removed . At a profit , too .

Chernobyl lands could be rehabilitated , and profitably as well .

I can't help to wonder what inverse fracking will do to a mine-field . This has to be done experimentally .

Who does not want to be Green and Filthy Rich ?



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