Thursday, March 31, 2011

Multiple Universes .

Andre Willers
31 Mar 2011

Synopsis :
Introducing magnetic monopoles into Calabi-Yau manifolds leads to a drastic simplification of universe-interactions .

Discussion :
Background :
See "Universum" Nov 2006
The importance of delineation . "P vs NP" Feb 2011
A simpler , computational recipe can always be found . "Topos 4" Sep 2007
Arith I discussed . Relevance to string theory. "The inside of zero" Aug 2009
Arith I discussed . Relevance to string theory.

"Special Theory of Relativity ."
Magnetism is directly related to charge movement and a limited speed of light

Detail :

Inflation Trigger :

1.Observe a little bubble of space-time shortly after the big bang . Introduce a magnetic monopole , in two ways .
1.1 Endogenously : conservation laws intact . No problem.
1.2 Exogenously (from Brane , ie other universes with magnetic monopoles)
The conservation laws can only remain intact if there is
1.2.1 A huge surge of charge-movement (ie current)
1.2.2 or a compensatory stretching of space-time (ie inflation) ,
1.2.3 or both (ie inflation and patterned asymmetries in the energy-matter distribution)

This last (1.2.3) is what is observed in our universe (Cobe observations)

Each large universe thus must have at least one magnetic monopole .
But , can it have more ?

Multiple Universes :
I strongly suspect that only magnetic monopole per universe can exist .

Examine a universe with a magnetic monopole of polarity (+1) .
Introduce :
1.A new magnetic monopole of polarity (+1) gets kicked into a brane neigbour , either inducing a new universe or a cascade .
2.A new magnetic monopole of polarity (-1) destroys the universe into a primordial big bang .
3.Many different magnetic monopoles of polarity (+-1) enter a universe , but a limited lightspeed means that they never cancel out .
A violent universe , relative to itself . But with large pockets of dynamic stability where intelligent life can form

It is also very much simpler . See "P vs NP" above .

Calabi-Yau Branes .
These geometries can be drastically simplified by allowing large numbers of interactions via messenger magnetic monopoles .
Note the analogy with protein foldings . If it only magnetic monopoles determining foldings , brane foldings should be a snap .
I have a sneaking suspicion that it is not that simple , but it is a start .

All sorts of yummy things.
Like , how to entice or seduce magnetic monopoles from nearby branes ,
Especially in coupled pairs . A Very Large , controllable energy source .
How to buffer your universe .(Defense)

An elegant system .

My compliments to God .

Andre .

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