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Saving the Rhino

Saving the Rhino
Andre Willers
23 Nov 2012
Dopamine-shortage Syndromes (like Wandering Legs Syndrome ) can be alleviated by horns , especially Rhino horns . But better relief can be gotten by drugs such as Pexola (refer Viagra and impotence).

Discussion :
1.The Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS).
See Appendix II
Restless Legs Syndrome is an extremely stressful syndrome partly triggered by Wandering Feet Syndrome (peripheral neuropathy) . The two are often confused . The stress causes a feedback effect of worsening tendencies to stress-related diseases like cancer . This relates diabetes and acrylamide damage to deeper dopamine-related diseases in the brain (eg Parkinson’s , addiction , RLS , etc)
See Appendix I
2.A simple management :
Pexola (trade name for Pramipexole)
The brakes on the dopamine feedback systems . Receptor site D2 applies .
Pramipexole is a dopamine agonist with high selectivity and specificity of D 2/3 - dopamine receptors . In the early stages of Parkinson's disease Pramipexole stimulates the presynaptic D2 autoreceptors, inhibiting the excessive dopamine synthesis and release. In the late stage reinforces the pramipexole-ending dopamine synthesis through stimulation and modulation of postsynaptic D 2 -. And D 3 receptors [5]

3.Humans with large genetic components of Denisovan (South Asia and Pacific via Formosa) and Neanderthal (North-west Europe) genes will have neurological problems because of fast-twitch muscle demands . The fast-twitch muscles build up action potential chemicals , which in turn randomly activate while waiting for orders . This reverberates in the central brain as an anxiety and frantic efforts to justify the muscle activity . The brain is out of the decision loop .
Over the long term , this gives rise to highly undesirable makework activity by the brain (ie tremors in Parkinson’s) .
At the cellular level even more undesirable activities occur . See Appendix C at the end “How to run faster” . CO2 disposal and glucose-demand are not regulated properly .
The mitochondria do not rotate at an even speed . Like in a diesel-electric setup , it is most efficient if the mitochondria generates ATP at a steady rate .

4.CO2 concentrations .
As previously noted , it seems that humans had a genetical bottleneck episode (most likely Toba circa 72 000 years ago) when the CO2 levels where higher after most of the vegetation was burnt or decomposing . Plus some very old gene-adaptations from 65 MYA of the KT catastrophe activating .
Plus an H2S component of about 1/9 to 1/3 of 80 ppm causing activation of hind-brain (reptilian) functions inhibiting higher brain functions and promoting fast-twitch muscles .
5.What does all this mean ?
5.1 Athletes:
Sprinters and fast-twitch specialists will perform better if they have higher CO2 levels and an imperceptible whiff of about 15 ppm of H2S . About four slow pushups without breathing will also enable reserves held by amygdala mechanisms . See Appendix D
5.2 Diabetics and Parkinsonian’s
The same for them .

6.The rhino
Why bother with rhino-horn if a better alternative is available . The Viagra solution .

7.An interesting aside :
Very low concentrations of H2S as a trigger to hyper fertility .
See Appendix E .
Things grow like mad near volcano’s . Always supposed to be fertility of the soil . But more likely to be suppression of more primitive bacterial competitors due to H2S hibernation effect . Finally , near the mid-Atlantic fumaroles close to a Scottish isle is hopped to the human genepool in 1704 AD . Or was it simply a reactivation of an older gene ? However , the gene seems to be burning out , partly due to human burial practices . Large scale cremation always led to higher fertility rates .
A childless couple burning to have a child will be much more likely to conceive if she breathes a 9% higher CO2 concentration , as well as about 15 ppm of H2S after 4 trembling pushups .
Make of it what you wish .

Rhino’s don’t do Pushups .
It is up to you to do it for them .

It is not a dilemma .
Unilemmically yours

Appendix I
Rhino Horns and Diabetes .
Andre Willers
11 Apr 2012.
Synopsis :
Rhino horn makes people feel better because it decreases “wandering feet “ of diabetes.
Better substitutes are available .
Discussion :
Fast twitch muscles require fast service by the nervous system . If this does not occur , local “pacemakers” step in . One locus is the heart (the heart pacemaker) . Another is situated at the base of the spine , where the long nerves connect to the spinal cord .
This well known as the source of phantom pain signals . (Lower back pain) .
But if the signals from the brain does not get to the muscles , the pacemaker activates . Muscles in the legs are stimulated , giving rise to a feeling of unease . These signals bypass the roadblocks which were due to the damage to transport mechanism of the nerves .
Certain states in the nerve is quantum forbidden , so the energy skips on . The signal travels faster .This enabled fast-twitch muscles to function and contract at frequencies not normal for nerves , but if it is not coordinated . a very uncomfortable feeling results in sleeplessness .
Rhino horn contains some chemicals that involve nerve transmission speeds .
Metabolic Sulphur , tyrosine(9%) and tryptophane (9%) seems to be an acceptable substitute .
Or exercise the fast twitch muscles in the legs by doing snap-kicks .
People susceptible to this would be descendants of Denisovans (eg Vietnamese) or Neanderthals (North-Western Europe) .
Note that the main fast-twitch muscle artists (lions ,etc) all eat hair and horn , which humans don’t .
Interesting asides:
1.Are human fast-twitch muscle artists like kung-fu experts more susceptible to diabetes ? The evidence seems to indicate it .
2. Can the rhino be saved like with Viagra ? Not unless the medical establishment acknowledges that there is a real effect , and offers a better alternative . Interestingly , the Vietnamese only started suffering from wandering feet after they got rich and stopped eating keratine food .
3.If keratine enables fast twitch nervous impulses , eating rhino-horn will give you a heart attack if you take beta-blockers as well .

Cow’s feet or chicken feet , anybody ?
Appendix II
Juggling and Parkinson’s Disease II
Andre Willers
3 Nov 2012
Synopsis :
Juggling increases brain white-matter (experimental) . The reward mechanism is dopamine . The inhibition of (inhibition of dopamine) is partly governed by ethylene . Plant-whisperers get more organically active ethylene . The two combine in a synergistic way .

Discussion :
Some people have wondered what the connection between juggling and plant whispering is . The connection is dopamine via ethylene and it’s bio-active compounds . Plant-whispering alone will inhibit the inhibition of dopamine-forming , but it is enhanced by some orders of magnitude if juggling is included . Synergism .
You will need the building –blocks of the nervous system like omega-3 oils (flax seed oil) and cod liver oil .
Will a whiff of ethylene help (ie like ripe banana peels) ?
I have no idea . (Personally , I would rather be caught sniffing banana peels than whispering to plants . But maybe it’s just me .)
At least the juggling is recognized .

Juggling and Mirror-neurons
The essence of it .
Juggling forces the growth of new mirror-neuron networks . This can be enhanced by personalizing the juggling objects , with smiles on them . A mature network will recognize them (characters from well-known soapies , etc) . This works at even a single neuron level .
You can make it interactive . Something like WII . I don’t think purely virtual will work . There has to be muscle interaction .
By gad , a new toy ! Juggle your way into the soapies . Lots of money to be made from the old wrinklies .

Sports :
If you star player seems to have hit a plateau , grow some new mirror-neurons by juggling .

Business :
The new executive toy . A multi-tasking trainer that actually works .

Your pleasure centres can juggle things in ways you have not even thought about .

Money :
New mirror-neurons gives you a new perspective .

Old Age:
Boredom is a killer . It is not that there are no new experiences , it is that any experience is translated along old neural paths . So they see only the ho-hum similarities , but not the new experience . For that you need some new pathways . Hence juggling .

Immune system :
The immune system gets bored as well (it is evolutionary programmed in.) It needs both muscle and brain new chemicals to activate new switches in the DNA-Epigenetic system . Unused systems gets apoptized via the epigenetic system .

Music :
Music to juggle by . I do not know of any , but doubtlessly there will soon be some .

What to do ?
1.Start juggling .
2.Take brain food chemicals like Omega fats .
3.Get a plant to whisper to . Your Confessor plant . Make sure it has no microphone in it .

Dopamaniacally yours

Appendix I
Juggling Shown to Change Wiring of the Brain
October 14, 2009 07:00 AM
by Denis Cummings
An Oxford University study has found that practicing a task such as juggling can alter the structure of the brain, indicating that the plasticity of the brain is greater than previously believed.
Juggling Increases White Matter

Researchers tested the brains of 48 volunteers, half of whom were given weekly juggling lessons for six weeks. At the end of that period, their brains were tested again. Those who had juggled—regardless of whether they had become good jugglers—had a 5 percent increase in their brains’ white matter, the nerve strands that connect different parts of the brain. Those who hadn’t juggled had little change.

Previous studies have found that juggling and other mind tasks—such as cabbies memorizing the streets of London—increased the amount of grey matter, the portion of the brain that contains neurons. This is the first study to find that white matter is affected.

Lead researcher Dr. Heidi Johansen-Berg said that the research shows “the structure of the brain is ripe for change.” It raises hope that scientists can design treatments to improve brain function for those with dementia or neurodegenerative diseases such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

“Knowing that pathways in the brain can be enhanced may be significant in the long run in coming up with new treatments for neurological diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, where these pathways become degraded,” said Johansen-Berg.
The study, “Training induces changes in white-matter architecture,” is published in Nature Neuroscience.
Appendix II
How to juggle .Note the “Aha!” hurdle . A general empowerment mechanism .
Appendix III
Gravity independent . Note mesons .
Juggling has been performed in space despite the fact that the micro-gravity environment of orbit deprives the juggled objects of the essential ability to fall. This is accomplished through 'two-person' juggling passing multiple objects between them. Juggling in space was demonstrated by Greg Chamitoff andRichard Garriott[citation needed] while Garriott was visiting the International Space Station as aSpaceflight Participant in October 2008. Their juggling of objects while in orbit was featured in 'Apogee of Fear', the first science fiction movie made in space by Garriott and 'Zero-G Magic', a magic show also recorded in space by Chamitoff and Garriott at that time.
Appendix IV
A commercial application of ethylene inhibition of growth hormones , including dopamine .
Dopamine-assisted immobilization of poly(ethylene imine) based polymers for control of cell-surface interactions.
Tsai WB, Chien CY, Thissen H, Lai JY.
Department of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University, 1 Roosevelt Road, Section 4, Taipei 106, Taiwan.
Non-fouling coatings play a critical role in many biomedical applications, such as diagnostic assay materials, biosensors, blood contacting devices and other implants. In the present work we have developed a facile, one step deposition method based on dopamine polymerization for preparation of non-fouling and biotinylated surfaces for biomedical applications. Poly(ethylene imine)-graft-poly(ethylene glycol) co-polymer (PEI-g-PEG) was mixed with an alkaline dopamine solution and then deposited onto different substrates. The dopamine coatings formed by this method were characterized by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), and the results indicated successful deposition of PEG. The resultant dopamine coatings formed on tissue culture polystyrene by this method revealed successful deposition of PEG, as shown by XPS. PEI-g-PEG/dopamine deposition for 2h inhibited the adsorption of serum proteins and the attachment of fibroblasts, suggesting that PEG molecules were immobilized in a sufficient density on the surface of the coating. Furthermore, co-deposition of PEI-g-PEG and PEI-g-biotin in alkaline dopamine solutions provided a cell-resisting background surface, at the same time providing accessible biotin molecules. We have demonstrated that the surface can be used for the selective binding of avidin, followed by the binding of Arg-Gly-Asp-Ser-biotin and enhanced cell attachment by specific cell-ligand interactions. In conclusion, our one step immobilization method provides a simple tool to fabricate surfaces with controllable cell affinity.
Copyright © 2011 Acta Materialia Inc. Publishe
Appendix V
The whole previous shebang .
Juggling and Parkinson’s
Andre Willers
29 Oct 2012
Juggling is an ideal counter to early Parkinson’s Disease .

Discussion :
1.The problem is basically caused by the paring of neurons during the menopausal phase of human development . Sedentary persons run into the “Use or lose it” mechanisms . These mechanism are very basic , involving eye-muscle interactions to prevent dopamine apoptosis in seldom-used neurological pathways . Exercise alone is insufficient as it is too predictable .

2. Juggling with asymmetric objects fills the bill nicely . It is chaotically complex , so all the muscle-brain networks are continually used . Start with glass miniature bottles of whisky over a tile floor . The amygdala has to be involved . (Well , maybe over a carpet initially . ) Drink one when an exercise has been done successfully (positive feedback) .
Juggling will help with Restless Leg Syndrome .
3. Advanced students can walk around while juggling .
4.Parkinsonian crash and a Fall .
The neurological effects accumulate slowly , and culminates in a Crash . This is the neurological equivalent of a stroke . Balance is lost after heroic efforts and a heavy fall usually results
The problem is that the feedback to the muscles is too slow –a form of indecision .
. Depression sets in at a neurological level , usually typified by learned helplessness .
This is serious as a broken leg . No amount of “Pull yourself together” etc will not help .

5. Repair .
See Appendix I on how to do this .

The laws of physics impose limits to indecision . Use it or lose it .
7. Old age wisdom
The neurological mechanisms used to translate 2-Dim systems into 3-Dim systems are essential for time-projections . Ie 3-Dim -> 4-Dim structures .

8. Tai-Chi Juggling .
Wait and hurry-up . This lights up just about every mind-body system .
Throwing things about is the frustration of Age .
Catching them is the wisdom of age .

Use it or lose it .


Appendix I
The Plant Whisperer
Andre Willers
28 Oct 2012
Synopsis :
The hot breath (38C) and endogenous ethylene of the Plant Whisperer close to the plant induces hormonal changes in the plant .

Discussion :
Whispering to plants means being up close with your heat and breath . The hot-air envelope surrounding the body encompasses the plant and further concentrates ethylene .
1.Hormonal sensitivity .
Even small concentrations of high temperature right on the leaves (human breath about 1 ppb) will trigger plant reactions .See Appendix II for which reactions .

2.Humans enhance the effect by exposure to sunlight .See Appendix I . Don’t whisper to plants in the dark .

3. Smokers have about double the effect . See Appendix I .

4.Herd effect :
A breath of a herd of herbivores (cows , buffalo , dinosaurs ,etc) will act to synchronize a field .
The plants will release signalling molecules to amplify the effect of the ethylene from the herd’s breath . Maturity and reproduction in synchronization has major evolutionary survival benefits .
Remember the dung . The dung spreads trace elements (especially sulphur from lightning strikes) . The herd animals’ breeding is forced into synchronization with the plants .
A mutual feedback system evolves .

5.The Human Herd :
Each human is a herd of single-celled organisms . Some are more “human” than others . Some are symbiotic , some mutualistic , some commensal and some parasitic .

Just to make things interesting , they can switch roles . They have a large repertoire of roles hidden in the DNA and Epigenetic switches .

But a large number still have plant genes sensitive to ethylene . The strong suspicion arises that the human body uses ethylene to synchronize senescence . At least the mitochondria .
Note the bit about anaerobic conditions inhibiting ethylene formation . Aerobic exercise .

6.Rejuvenation :
We now have three mechanism affecting the whole and parts of the metabolism :
1.Molecular freeze (See Appendix III on hibernation using H2S)
2.Ethylene synchronizing the shebang in whole and parts .
3.Stem cells.
Stem cells are being produced all the time , but forced into age-synchronization by ethylene .

7.The Living forever trick .
We can play them off against each other to selectively synchronize a group of cells iro senescence , then freeze them using the H2S trick , then force neighbouring cells/organs into juvenility using ethylene during the unfreezing .

8.Notice that both H2S and ethylene (C2H4) are very permeable gases . Major players in the early evolution of life .

9. What is a poor man to do ?
All this sounds horribly expensive . Immortality for only the rich ?
What we want to do is to is boost age-synchronization using ethylene , then freeze it using H2S , then re-synchronize the age mechanism on the stem cells . In other words , give the stem cells an overwhelming advantage .

10.The Method:
1.Pre-prepare by taking silver nano particles (See Appendix II :inhibitors . Or wear silver jewelry . )
2.Take a whiff of ethylene . Wait three breaths .
3.Take a whiff of H2S . Wait three breaths .
4.Take a whiff of ethylene . Wait three breaths .
5.Repeat at least once a day.

This should rejuvenate some systems .

11.Why is such a simple system not known ? Because humans fear a lack of death .They are limited by the scope of their environment . Which is one of the reasons I am writing this .Death is only the beginning .

Hope that death is not but a dream .

Appendix I
Human ethylene exhalation.
Release of ethylene in sunlight .
From 1 ppb to about 4 ppb after about 20 minutes .
During lipid peroxidation traces of volatile hydrocarbons such as methane, ethane, ethylene, propane, butane, hexane and pentane are produced in very low concentrations and exhaled through breath and/or released through the skin.
Within 3 min after UV is turned on, the C2H4 emission starts to rise. After UV exposure, a two-phase decay in C2H4 emission was observed: a fast decay resulting from wash out by the lungs and blood and a slow long-term decay from the body tissue.
Body Burden:
Ethylene was detected in the expired air from 2 of 8 volunteers (1 smoker) during a test period of approximately 1 hr at quantities of 120 ug (smoker) and 0.91 ug(1).
[(1) Conkle JP et al; Arch Environ Health 30: 290-5 (1975)]**PEER REVIEWED**

Appendix II
Ethylene as a sensitive plant hormone .
Ethylene is a gaseous effector with a very simple structure. Nonetheless, ethylene has features that identify it as a hormone such as the fact that it is effective at nanomolar concentrations.
BLEECKER A.B. and KENDE H (2000) Ethylene: a gaseous signal molecule in plants. Annu. Rev. Cell Dev. Biol. 16: 1-18 (2000)

Inhibitors are frequently used to study biosynthesis of ethylene and ethylene activity. AVG (aminoethoxyvinylglycine) und AOA (aminooxy-acetic acid) are inhibitors of ethylene biosynthesis. NBD (2, 5-norbornadiene) and Ag+ inhibit an ethylene response by binding to and blocking of the ethylene receptor. NBD is more specific as compared to silver ions.
Ethylene has evolved as the central regulator of cell death programs in plants. In roots and in some plants in stems, lack of oxygen induces formation of intercellular spaces, the so-called aerenchyma. Low oxygen conditions in waterlogged roots, for instance, result in lysogenous aerenchyma formation through programmed death of cells in the cortex. This process is controlled by ethylene, as is programmed death of endosperm cells during cereal seed development.
This reactions is oxygen-dependent. At anaerobic conditions ethylene formation is completely suppressed.
Environmental and biological triggers of ethylene
Environmental cues can induce the biosynthesis of the plant hormone. Flooding, drought, chilling, wounding, and pathogen attack can induce ethylene formation in the plant. In flooding, root suffers from lack of oxygen, or anoxia, which leads to the synthesis of 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid (ACC). ACC is transported upwards in the plant and then oxidized in leaves. The product, the ethylene causes epinasty of the leaves.
One speculation recently put forth for epinasty is the downward pointing leaves may act as pump handles in the wind. The ethylene may or may not additionally induce the growth of a valve in thexylem, but the idea would be that the plant would harness the power of the wind to pump out more water from the roots of the plants than would normally happen by transpiration alone.

List of plant responses to ethylene
 Seedling triple response, thickening and shortening of hypocotyl with pronounced apical hook.
 In pollination, when the pollen reaches the stigma, the precursor of the ethylene, ACC, is secreted to the petal, the ACC releases ethylene with ACC oxidase.
 Stimulates leaf and flower senescence
 Stimulates senescence of mature xylem cells in preparation for plant use
 Induces leaf abscission
 Induces seed germination
 Induces root hair growth — increasing the efficiency of water and mineral absorption
 Induces the growth of adventitious roots during flooding
 Stimulates epinasty — leaf petiole grows out, leaf hangs down and curls into itself
 Stimulates fruit ripening
 Induces a climacteric rise in respiration in some fruit which causes a release of additional ethylene.
 Affects gravitropism
 Stimulates nutational bending
 Inhibits stem growth and stimulates stem and cell broadening and lateral branch growth outside of seedling stage (see Hyponastic response)
 Interference with auxin transport (with high auxin concentrations)
 Inhibits shoot growth and stomatal closing except in some water plants or habitually flooded ones such as some rice varieties, where the opposite occurs (conserving CO2 and O2)
 Induces flowering in pineapples
 Inhibits short day induced flower initiation in Pharbitus nil[27] and Chrysanthemum morifolium[28

Ethylene action slows at lower temperatures.
At their minimum temperature levels, fruit is basically inactive and does not respond well to externally supplied ethylene.

Ethylene will penetrate most substances.
In fact, it will permeate through produce cardboard shipping boxes, wood and even concrete walls.

Appendix III Nov 2008
Hibernation and Cryogenics
Andre Willers
19 Nov 2008

Discussion :
Jessica Palmer pointed out on the 16th Nov 2008 that the primary problem with cryogenics seems to be in the re-establishment of metabolic processes after un-freezing .

But we have an already existing template for doing exactly that .

Hibernation .

See Appendix A

The evolutionary explanation is that during the transition-phase from methane/sulfur to oxygen atmosphere (circa 1.5 bn years ago) , there was a major advantage in suspending oxygen-driven systems if the organism found itself in a non-oxygen environment . It went into hibernation .

At the same time , alcohol was being excreted as a poison (like oxygen) . The ancestors of mitochondria (who could use low concentrations of oxygen or alcohol ) sought refuge in cells whose cell-walls were resistant (but not impervious) to alcohol transition .

Remember , alcohol is completely soluble in water , but oxygen is not . This difference drove the process . Alcohol concentrations in water could grow large , but oxygen-concentrations could not .

Mitochondria earned their keep by mopping up alcohol first and later converting oxygen to ATP . (The glucose and ketone metabolism came after this) . The ketone metabolism has never been very popular , because of the high loss-rate in excretory products , but has been kept as a third string on the bow . (Utilization of fat and protein-muscle reserves during low-glucose periods. )

Mitochondria thus has an exclusive preference of usage : alcohol , glucose , ketones in that order .

From experimental evidence (see Appendix A) , there is a genetic switch sensitive to the concentration of H2S to bring both the host cell and the mitochondrium to a state where all programmed molecular activity is suspended . (The power is switched off) .
But , of course , random beth(0) molecular activity due to temperature does not cease . Uncontrolled and anaerobic reactions still occur .

We get rid of most anaerobic organisms first .
Lots of sulfur , VitC and alcohol (fermented berries or carbohydrates in the stomach . A low acidity is required in the run-up to hibernation)
Then freeze .

Starting the contraption up again is a bit of a problem .

1. The power-plant :
The mitochondria needs to be primed with their preferred fuel (alcohol)
Oxygen needs to be infused .(Hyperbaric chamber)

2. Garbage disposal
The cellular garbage-disposal systems need to be activated . ATP from the powerplant needs to be allocated to breakdown-product disposal before the ATP is allocated to DNA/RNA production processes .

The garbage-disposal uses mechanisms that use sulfur to create the various vacuoles and ropes (cf mitosis) . Enough sulfur is vital .

Once again , oxygen and alcohol is used . Both are recognized by all systems as poisons to be removed as a first priority . They activate a quite sophisticated garbage-disposal system as H2S concentrations decrease .

3 . Flushing
All that garbage has to flushed away , preferably not through the kidneys or liver .
Use machines .
As H2S concentrations decrease , damage might occur due to PH fluctuations . Acidity (H2SO4 , etc) Buffering would be advisable .

4. Temperature:
Lots of water at 105 to 107 Fahrenheit for mammals , pulsing at pulserate(about 90 cycles per minute .)
This is to activate the chaperone systems and discourage opportunistic viruses .

5. Music
See “Music”
Play harmonious music so the vibrations can be felt throughout organism being thawed . This enhances timing-procedures by orders of magnitudes . Emergent order .
(A Beth(0.x) effect . )

The de-hibernization process must have an exact program at molecular level to reboot the cellular metabolism . Precisely what you need after a cryogenic procedure .
But its efficiency (ie your chance of survival) can be boosted by orders of magnitude by using the steps above .

Interesting notes:
1. Do hibernating animals like bears use alcohol-producing cells in their bloodstream to time hibernation? This can be tested .
2. Are there cold-chaperone molecules ? There should be .
3. Hibernation is easy . Nature has done all the hard work . Keeping the mechanism ticking over at a very slow rate enables cellular-garbage clearing for a relatively short period (6-8 months)
4. De-cryogenics is a bit harder , Beth(1) intervention is needed .
5. Alcohol-concentrations : we are talking about 1% to 2% imbibing . About 0.06% inside the cell . Ie , the cell-wall protects by a factor of about 30
6. Pulse-Cryogenics : alternate freezing and hibernation to get a better survival factor . For those who are too stupid to design a zero-entropy system .
Try : Life=negative entropy . Non-life = positive entropy . Design it so the sum is zero .



Appendix A
From “ Birdflu Update-4” dated 29 Oct 2005
Suspended Animation (the real thing!)
In 2005, Mark Roth and other scientists from the University of Washington and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle demonstrated that mice can be put into a state of suspended animation by applying a low dosage of hydrogen sulfide (80 ppm H2S) in the air. The breathing rate of the animals sank from 120 to 10 breaths per minute and their temperature fell from 37 °C to 2 °C above ambient temperature (in effect, they had become cold-blooded). The mice survived this procedure for 6 hours and afterwards showed no negative health consequences.
Such a hibernation occurs naturally in many mammals and also in toads, but not in mice. (Mice can fall into a state called clinical torpor when food shortage occurs). If the H2S-induced hibernation can be made to work in humans, it could be useful in the emergency management of severely injured patients, and in the conservation of donated organs.
As mentioned above, hydrogen sulfide binds to cytochrome oxidase and thereby prevents oxygen from binding, which apparently leads to the dramatic slowdown of metabolism. Animals and humans naturally produce some hydrogen sulfide in their body; researchers have proposed that the gas is used to regulate metabolic activity and body temperature, which would explain the above findings
Dosages of H2S:
Treatment involves immediate inhalation of amyl nitrite, injections of sodium nitrite, inhalation of pure oxygen, administration of bronchodilators to overcome eventual bronchospasm, and in some cases hyperbaric oxygen therapy.
Exposure to lower concentrations can result in eye irritation (because of the high alkality of the SH- anion), a sore throat and cough, shortness of breath, and fluid in the lungs. These symptoms usually go away in a few weeks. Long-term, low-level exposure may result in fatigue, loss of appetite, headaches, irritability, poor memory, and dizziness. Higher concentrations of 700-800 ppm tend to be fatal.
• 0.0047 ppm is the recognition threshold, the concentration at which 50% of humans can detect the characteristic rotten egg odor of hydrogen sulfide [2]
• 10-20 ppm is the borderline concentration for eye irritation.
• 50-100 ppm leads to eye damage.
• At 150-250 ppm the olfactory nerve is paralyzed after a few inhalations, and the sense of smell disappears, often together with awareness of danger,
• 320-530 ppm leads to pulmonary edema with the possibility of death.
• 530-1000 ppm causes strong stimulation of the central nervous system and rapid breathing, leading to loss of breathing;
o 800 ppm is the lethal concentration for 50% of humans for 5 minutes exposition (LC50).
Concentrations over 1000 ppm cause immediate collapse with loss of breathing, even after inhalation of a single breath.


Appendix C
How to run faster .
Andre Willers
23 Jun 2012

Synopsis :
An optimal CO2 level enables humans to run faster and also avoid panic attacks .

Discussion :
This has to do with nerve transmission , not energy transfer .
CO2 , not O2 . See Appendix I
It means that if the athletes’s CO2 levels are below optimal , spontaneous (ie random) firing of muscle nerve fibres occur , drastically reducing performance . Remember , volitional muscles are grouped in antagonistic modes . The runner is literally retarding himself . Muscle cells are not contracting and relaxing in concert .

100 Meters dash
The athlete should hold his breath before the race , and not hyperventilate .
The same with diving .
In competitive athletics , use !click systems to meter CO2 levels at optimal .
See Appendix II on how to do it .

Interesting Asides
1.Panic Attacks : As you can see , this is very similar to so-called asthma attacks . The organism gears up to run like hell , but remains stationary . Things seize up . The link is the CO2 concentration . A PEP exhaler as described in in Appendix II should resolve a large number of problems .

2.Smokers : In the present environment , smokers (ie persons habituated to a high CO2 level) have to spend long periods of time when the CO2 level falls so low that anxiety and tetany occurs. Where they are not allowed to smoke . Especially when driving . Ignorance kills . They think it is something seriously wrong , instead of a CO2 withdrawal symptom . Panic attacks ensue .
3.Smoking athletes : Those pesky high-school guys who smoke and drink , but still win the 100 meters dash . Now you know how it works .
4.Golf and soccer : This very sensitive to random muscle firings . Ever wonder why you don’t play better ? Try a bit more CO2 . Or soccer , with that crucial shoot .
They take a deep breath .
Wrong ! CO2 level drops , primed muscles cells fire and the ball goes into orbit . Time after time .
You must hold your breath before the crucial moment .
This is already known in target-shooting . (Hold your breath , then squeeze the trigger) . But it is not because of the instability caused by breathing . It is the instability caused by too low CO2 levels , causing random contractions in the muscle fibres .

5.Global warming :As CO2 levels increase , one would expect that burst sports records would increase . And sports in general , as humans feel more capable .

Tetany is not epiphany .

Appendix I
Tetany or tetany seizure is a medical sign consisting of the involuntary contraction of muscles, which may be caused by disease or other conditions that increase the action potential frequency. Muscle cramps that are caused by the disease tetanus are not classified as tetany; rather, they are due to a blocking of the inhibition to the neurons that supply muscles.

Low calcium levels in the bloodstream increase the permeability of neuronal membranes to sodium ions, causing a progressive depolarization, which increases the possibility of action potentials. If the plasma Ca2+ decreases to less than 50% of the normal value of 9.4 mg/dl, action potentials may be spontaneously generated, causing contraction of peripheral skeletal muscles.[1]
Low levels of carbon dioxide cause tetany by altering the albumin binding of calcium such that the ionized (physiologically influencing) fraction of calcium is reduced; the most common reason for low carbon dioxide levels is hyperventilation
Appendix II
Bronchial Resonance
Andre Willers
14 Jun 2012
Synopsis :
Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) at about 15 Hz not only clears mucus , but also enhances oxygen uptake and prevents alveoli collapse .
Discussion :
A simple and elegant device (see Appendix II) induces resonances in the bronchial system at around 15 Hz ( 6-26 Hz) . This is a resonance of the mucus bacterial film , breaking it up . For evolutionary reasons , (See Appendix IV) , the filii of the airways operate optimally at this frequency . In other words , “hard” plaques liquefy and can be expelled .
This has an obvious effect on the bronchial system . Pumping out mucus (ie obstructions) from the upper regions of the bronchial tree causes a capillary pumping-out of muck out of the alveoli . Which frees them up for better gas transfer .
There is an ancillary effect . The walls of the narrower bronchial tubes also have a greater gas-transfer capability , once cleared of insulating mucus . They then operate more like the much more efficient bird-lungs . Will this trigger some epigenetic switching-on of bird-lung genes in the human genome ? I do not know , but it is likely .
Any athlete will better his performance by using this technique .
There is an intriguing catch-up effect . The brain normally limits performance to 2/3 of maximal (Noakes) . But this takes time . Using OPEP just before an exertion means a multiplier of 3 of the increment in performance . Enough to win .
Instant Yoga :
The range 8 – 15 – 26 Hz is intriguingly close to brainwave frequencies . Using it will entrain brainwaves through pressure-wave fluctuation , especially at the synapse level . (ie neurotransmitter densities will fluctuate in resonance pressure resonances from the bronchial system ) .
Ohm mane padme sum !

Which brings us to the !Click language .
Or it’s descendant , the glottal stop . These interrupt the expiration in patterned ways . I tried it with the standard double-click (two teeth-clicks , followed by two tongue clicks during expiration using a Flutter device (see Appendix II)) . The effect was a enhanced clarity of mind , which I ascribe to enhanced oxygen intake . Be cautious . !Click combined with Flutter devices can have major biosystem effects .
Interesting Asides :
1.Are other plaques (eg arteries , alzheimers , infections , etc) also susceptible to resonances at around these frequencies ?
2Music , of course . Heavy rhythm , where the body resonates with the sound .
3.Smoking . At first glance , all smokers should use this technique . But if it leads to switching on some bird-lung genes , this would make them more susceptible to bird-flu . I simply do not know enough .
4.Coughing : this is an OPEP system . Time it . The frequency is close to 15 Hz, but only in short bursts. The artificial Flutter system is better .
5.Snoring : This is mostly on expiration (see Appendix III) . An attempt by the body system to induce a Flutter system on expiration . Thus , using a Flutter artificial system should cure most snoring problems .
6.Hiccups : it stops them cold . Also it’s little brother , that pesky reflux .(Heartburn)
7.Will it have an effect on the pylorus valve and the duodenal peristalsis , and hence Diabetes ?
(See “Cure for diabetes” May 2012)
I have no idea at present . Watch the next thrilling episode .

Where to get it in South Africa: See Appendix V

Life doesn’t suck . It is a blow job .
Andre .

Appendix I
A good summation
Oscillatory PEP Therapy
OPEP therapy was first developed and described in Switzerland, as an adjunct or supplement to traditional airwayclearance methods.
Appendix II
When the oscillation frequency approximates the resonance
frequency of the pulmonary system, endobronchial pressure oscillations are amplified and result
in vibrations of the airways. The vibrations produced by these oscillations cause the "fluttering"
sensation from which the FLUTTER derived its name. These vibrations loosen mucus from the
airway walls. The intermittent increases in endobronchial pressure decrease the collapsibility of
the airways during exhalation, increasing the likelihood of clearing mucus from the
tracheobronchial tract. The airflow accelerations increase the velocity of the air being exhaled,
facilitating the movement of mucus up the airways
Appendix III
More info
Appendix IV
Mobilization of mucus by airway oscillations.
Freitag L, Kim CS, Long WM, Venegas J, Wanner A.
Pulmonary Division, University of Miami, Mt. Sinai Medical Center.
The effects of high frequency asymmetric airway oscillations on mucus clearance were evaluated in excised tracheas of sheep, in an animal model of excessive mucus production, and in patients with bronchiectasis. Asymmetric high frequency ventilation (15 Hz) with expiratory biased flow profiles (expiratory peak-flow greater than inspiratory peak-flow) could move mucus droplets towards the pharynx in rigid and flexible tracheas by gas-liquid interaction. In rigid tracheas the mucus was transported towards the periphery of the model lung if the oscillations were inspiratory biased. In very collapsible tracheas, however, even inspiratory biased oscillations moved the mucus cephalad. Parameters influencing direction and speed of mucus are airflow profile, peak-flow, airway compliance and lung resistance. Gamma-camera studies showed that in anesthetized dogs radiolabeled artificial mucus followed the direction of the bias during high frequency ventilation. In five human volunteers with bronchiectasis and excessive secretions the asymmetric airway oscillations were superimposed during spontaneous breathing using a mouthpiece. Airway wall vibrations following the pressure swings of the oscillator could be observed. During forced expiration inward bulging of the posterior membranes of trachea and bronchi occurred at the negative pressure phase of the oscillations. This event was associated with increased appearance of sputum in the central airways. We conclude that high frequency ventilation with asymmetric flow profiles applied via tube or mouthpiece might be an effective future treatment of mucostasis.


[PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
Appendix V
Where to get it South Africa
Price R90
Pmb (0331) 903271
Jhb 082 900 7103
Cpt 082 871 6855
Pmb 082 900 3187
Appendix D
Toughness and Sensitivity
Andre Willers
16 Nov 2012
Synopsis :
We look for a pill that enhances both toughness and sensitivity .
Discussion :
This is an old evolutionary problem solved many times .
Eyes : pupil sizes and brain pre-processing
Ears : sphincter muscles and brain pre-processing .
The Amygdala :
A fairly successful rapid-response pre-processing system , but prone to fixation .
What do monkeys do ? They throw things quite accurately and scream a lot .
Well , humans scream a lot , but it seems that the throwing bit is essential to restore the sensitivity portion of the amygdala response . This boils down to triceps combined with ocular targeting to reverse amygdala locks . Ie , throwing the pills hard into a big jug and thinking positively will have a very similar effect . The triceps must be involved .
Note the old cliché of the wife throwing crockery . Or slamming doors . Or backhanded slapping . Old hominin amygdala reprogramming systems .

Sports :
Of course , any major activity involving triceps and moving objects will be selected in civilized activities . Karate , darts , boxing , javelin , discus , crap dice , juggling , baseball , cricket , etc , etc.
Push-ups .
Well known to any military inductee . But why do they use it ? It is a system refined over at least 5 000 years . Because it is an easy and quick way to reprogram some amygdala routines on a sub-conscious level . (The Romans used pushing shields)
How many push-ups do we need ? The military like to overdo things to handle all the outliers and malingerers , but the critical factor seems to be that a full effort of the triceps muscle cells are needed . This can be as few as one , but usually four should be sufficient .
Four Slow pushups till the trembling point , followed by cachinnation (to trigger deep resolution of paradoxes) . The cachinnation (laughter) is essential to trigger release of neuro messengers for the stress-systems to stand down .
All this makes the system tougher . Less susceptible to outside changes .
But we also want it to be sensitive at the same time . The amygdala partly handles the toughness issue , but the sensitivity has to handled in virtual fashion .
Virtual limbs :
Simply create virtual limbs that have real tie-ins to brain systems . There are genetic tie-ins via insectile “extra-arms” . Most people can sense them , even feel them . These are pre-prepared brain systems derived from chimaeric insect systems . Phantom limbs are a confusion .
Why should the hind-brain have retained quite sophisticated insect limb handling capabilities ?
A spillover capability ? Are phantom limbs an advantage in resolving paradoxes in the normal mind-body complex ? At first glance , it would seem so . Evolution would use what is at hand , namely insectoid body pattern . In other words , store incompatible data in virtual limbs for which it already had a pattern .
Amputees with phantom limb problems could resolve them by sensing extra limbs .

Push-ups using phantom insectile limbs :
The amygdala reprogramming effect will be magnified non-linearly .
The Sensitive part :
The toughness part is easy . Being sensitive at the same “time” is a quantum system . The systems are superposed .
The Trick is that the sensitive part is dominant and the tough part intermittent as the circumstances change . On average , the general rule of 1/3 Toughness and 2/3 Sensitivity holds .

A Quantum Pill
At present there is no pill to resolve the problem . You will have to make do with the makeshits offered above .
But , in the near future you will be able to buy a quantum pill that forces various states to collapse .
Really nifty .

Alternately Yours
Appendix E
A Vaccine for Overpopulation
Andre Willers
7 Apr 2012
A prion disease removed natural epigenetic fertility controls circa 1704 AD . A vaccine is possible to train the immune system to recognize and remove the prion culprit .

Discussion :
See “Neanderthal Harbours” Apr 2012
Why a prion ?
Prions work by selectively disrupting the “read” process of the ribosome . Like putting a blank piece of paper in front of the letters to be photocopied . In scrapies and madcow , it is the “END” codon that is elided . The ribosome just keeps on copying proteins . See SciAm and NewScientist . This has a survival value for species in stressed circumstances , but is a bit tough on individuals .
Prions are also highly infectious . See
“What has made prions difficult to control is their infamous durability. Boil water for a few minutes, and all the bacteria and viruses will be gone. Not so for the prion: it will be just fine, reaAs if it weren’t bad enough that deadly prions can survive boiling and radiation, now comes word that aerosolized forms of the pathogen can enter the nose and find their way to the brain, with fatal consequences.dy to infect. How does it fare in a dry heat of 600 degrees C? No problem there, either. How about ionizing radiation? Bring it on.”
“As if it weren’t bad enough that deadly prions can survive boiling and radiation, now comes word that aerosolized forms of the pathogen can enter the nose and find their way to the brain, with fatal consequences.”

Epigenetics :
There is a sophisticated feedback process at epigenetic level monitoring population-level signals . A development of bacterial quorum-systems . Evolution does not favour Growth-without-limit , otherwise we would not have quorum systems . Remember , bacteria are the majority lifeform . This is the mistake Malthus made .
Malthus :
His Primary assumption was that populations grow to the limit of carrying capacity . This simply was not true before 1704 AD . But when he lived (1766-1874) it was , because the safety catches had been taken off . This happened because of a prion disease from some island off Scotland , rapidly infecting the rest of the world . And no disinfection then or now will work .
Is a vaccine possible ?
Yes. Simple , too .Take the negation of the END codon . The folded prion protein must have the precise lock-on DNA configuration and is thus targetable by tailored anti-bodies . A teensy-weensy problem is to zap only proteins with this configuration . But the heavy lifting has already been done . Neanderthal-derived families with few children should have the requisite molecules . And there are lots of them around the Med .
What does this mean ?
The overpopulation epidemic seems to have run it’s course in the first affected areas (Western Europe , North America) , but not yet in other parts of the world . The creation of a vaccine will cause major political problems . But it will probably share the characteristics of the original disease . Impossible to prevent , and very infectious . It is just the return to the natural state .
Interesting Asides :
1.What does the plants have to say about this ?
Remember , these are not conscious systems . But they are very effective .
Some plants have positive feedback relationship with humans . Grains and especially ones used in weaving . The introduction of woven cloths has always led to a population explosion . The fibres in close contact with the skin leads to positive feedbacks for prions suppressing epigenetic population control . Slow to start , but all plant weaves today encourages fertility .(By definition) . And they all target the same area in the epigenetic system . To find a vaccine , go to the nearest shop and buy any woven material . Look for prions .

2.Oh no !
Whisky . The Scottish Islands in 1704 AD exported mainly people , whisky and wool . All would carry the prions , but whisky the easiest of all . No wonder it was called the “Water of Life” . It was. People who drank it had more children . So , when you look for Person(0) , you know where to look . And look at whisky sales routes for subsequent spread of the infection . I guess this falls under the “some good news and some bad news” classification .

Should humans develop and employ an anti-fertility vaccine ?
They can do it now . But should they ? Well , they are going to do it in any case for short-term advantages , but they should simultaneously develop antidotes to the vaccine .
Places like Italy are already into negative population growth , and if you look at their fashions you can see why . (What! You think plants don’t have fashions ? Good luck with your sex-life . A fashionable fabric by definition promotes the sex-life of it’s partner .)

God’s Mercy
Instead of fashionably going extinct or superhuman , the possible pathways for human futures suddenly un-pinched from a neat two to a messy infinity . For some unfathomable reason the Powers-that-be decided to extend humanity’s term . The pinching-off branches have opened up . (The time-aspects were not predetermined . Think of it as a change in top-down chaotic attractors . You don’t have the terms)
Not my idea . I am but a time-limited pen , rather sourly recording .
Oh well .
Back to long-term planning .
“What God wants , God gets”

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