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Toughness and Sensitivity

Toughness and Sensitivity
Andre Willers
16 Nov 2012
Synopsis :
We look for a pill that enhances both toughness and sensitivity .
Discussion :
This is an old evolutionary problem solved many times .
Eyes : pupil sizes and brain pre-processing
Ears : sphincter muscles and brain pre-processing .
The Amygdala :
A fairly successful rapid-response pre-processing system , but prone to fixation .
What do monkeys do ? They throw things quite accurately and scream a lot .
Well , humans scream a lot , but it seems that the throwing bit is essential to restore the sensitivity portion of the amygdala response . This boils down to triceps combined with ocular targeting to reverse amygdala locks . Ie , throwing the pills hard into a big jug and thinking positively will have a very similar effect . The triceps must be involved .
Note the old cliché of the wife throwing crockery . Or slamming doors . Or backhanded slapping . Old hominin amygdala reprogramming systems .

Sports :
Of course , any major activity involving triceps and moving objects will be selected in civilized activities . Karate , darts , boxing , javelin , discus , crap dice , juggling , baseball , cricket , etc , etc.
Push-ups .
Well known to any military inductee . But why do they use it ? It is a system refined over at least 5 000 years . Because it is an easy and quick way to reprogram some amygdala routines on a sub-conscious level . (The Romans used pushing shields)
How many push-ups do we need ? The military like to overdo things to handle all the outliers and malingerers , but the critical factor seems to be that a full effort of the triceps muscle cells are needed . This can be as few as one , but usually four should be sufficient .
Four Slow pushups till the trembling point , followed by cachinnation (to trigger deep resolution of paradoxes) . The cachinnation (laughter) is essential to trigger release of neuro messengers for the stress-systems to stand down .
All this makes the system tougher . Less susceptible to outside changes .
But we also want it to be sensitive at the same time . The amygdala partly handles the toughness issue , but the sensitivity has to handled in virtual fashion .
Virtual limbs :
Simply create virtual limbs that have real tie-ins to brain systems . There are genetic tie-ins via insectile “extra-arms” . Most people can sense them , even feel them . These are pre-prepared brain systems derived from chimaeric insect systems . Phantom limbs are a confusion .
Why should the hind-brain have retained quite sophisticated insect limb handling capabilities ?
A spillover capability ? Are phantom limbs an advantage in resolving paradoxes in the normal mind-body complex ? At first glance , it would seem so . Evolution would use what is at hand , namely insectoid body pattern . In other words , store incompatible data in virtual limbs for which it already had a pattern .
Amputees with phantom limb problems could resolve them by sensing extra limbs .

Push-ups using phantom insectile limbs :
The amygdala reprogramming effect will be magnified non-linearly .
The Sensitive part :
The toughness part is easy . Being sensitive at the same “time” is a quantum system . The systems are superposed .
The Trick is that the sensitive part is dominant and the tough part intermittent as the circumstances change . On average , the general rule of 1/3 Toughness and 2/3 Sensitivity holds .

A Quantum Pill
At present there is no pill to resolve the problem . You will have to make do with the makeshits offered above .
But , in the near future you will be able to buy a quantum pill that forces various states to collapse .
Really nifty .

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