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Light Amplification by Zeropoint Emission of Radiation(LAZER)

Light Amplification by Zeropoint Emission of Radiation (LAZER)

Andre Willers

5 Mar 2013


A Zeropoint Energy tap is achieved by combining Maxwell’s equations , Twistors and the Schwinger Limit .

Discussion :

1.Transform the usual solution to Maxwell’s equations (sine forms) to cylindrical co-ordinates .

The solution then becomes 1/r*sin(x) for E(electric field) and B(magnetic field)


2.Twist the fields and reduce r .


3. Somewhere on the twistor axis , r reduces enough so that the Electric field increases above the Schwinger limit .

4.Space then goes non-linear .

Even for Beth(0) , there is an energy gain .

The Zeropoint energy arises from random (Beth(0) ) particle-anti-particle interactions . The electric field is strong enough to tease them apart .

(Schwinger) . Inside bubble r0 , particles recombine . Outside r0 , particles combine with existing matter , giving rise to current flow .

A circle always fits inside a bigger circle . From this , Calculate the random energy escaping from around a bubble .

5.But it is a twistor . Energy release is not Beth(0) , ie flip-of-coin random .

6.There are eight = 2^3 possibilities in 3D+T space.

6.1Positive feedback : Energy keeps being pumped in with no limit : Big Bang

6.2 Steady state : Energy pumped in is limited in some way . Very long , very massive electromagnetic wave (basically , a cosmic string)

6.3. Severely limited energy pump . Maxwell's Classical equations applies . Pinching out to simple EM wave .

6.4 6.1+ 6.2 Big Bangs + steadystates

6.5 6.1+6.3 Big Bangs + waves (observed per present theory)

6.6 6.1+6.2+6.3 All of the above . The most likely .

6.7 6.2 + 6.3 Strongly radiating Cosmic Strings .

6.8 The Null case : there is no quantum particle-antiparticle formation . There is no ElectroMagmetic Waves . Pure Mass .

7.Gravitational effects :

There is a measurable gravitational wave generated at the Schwering limit . But it is +g , -g affair at right angles to the Electric and Magnetic field.

Can be quite strong at Schwering limit .

7.1 On Earth :

There is a strong Electric field from the ground to the ionosphere , a magnetic field from the sun at right angles . The +g , -g effect would be at right angles to both .

Why do you think these small asteroids disintegrate ? Urals , 2013 . +g , -g .

7.2 More useful is anti-gravity system .

Simply create a very strong local electric field parallel to the ground and at right angles to the Solar magnetic field . Do the above tricks , configured so that +g is towards the planet and –g away from it .

7.3 Using twistors, this is self-powering . Nifty .

8.Ethics :

The positives far outweigh the negatives .

You can try to use these technologies for negative purposes . See what happens to you .

Things are not what they seem .

Skimmed milk masquerades as cream .



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