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South African Soviets

South African Soviets

Andre Willers
22 Mar 2013
“Those who cannot remember the past , are doomed to repeat it “ George Santayana
Workers’ Committees (Soviets) have spontaneously formed due to failure of service delivery .
Discussion :
1.Social media (Twitter , Facebook Email ,et al) greatly accellerates the process .
2.The normal progression is like what happened in Russia in the early 1900’s : See Appendix I
3.The Unions get into bed with Management and screw the workers .
4.The workers rebel and form Soviets (Workers’ Committees)
5.A political party (In Russia : Bolsheviks) seize their chance and hijack the Soviets .
They used formal rules of committees (votes , information control) to manipulate the system .
6.The Nazi’s did the same with the verreine .
7.The same in the UK (clubs) and USA (Fraternities , sororities, moose ,elk , and their ilk ) .
8. Can this happen now with social media scrutiny ?
Humans are a hysterical species . The social media works for the masses , not against them .
9. Weimar Republic Scenario
WaSP (Workers and Socialist Party) , already implicated in the Marikana and other mining Soviets , get a significant Parliamentary presence . Whoever is behind WASP has read his history , and is getting schadenfreude by making you repeat it .
He also has some significant on-line and financial backing . I just googled wasp and got a fairly professionally executed logo . Not amateur . As usual , no real information .

10 Emperor Scenario
See Appendix II .
I thought Zuma would be emperor , but an unknown Mr X is making a bid .

11. Who will win ?
King Log or King Stork ?
South Africans have been moaning and bitching because Zuma is doing nothing . They will long for these days .

12. It is my considered opinion that WaSP interests will do their best to destabilize South African economic systems before the 2014 elections . They only need a few hundred disgruntled workers , in any industry you care to name . The worse it gets, the more votes they get . And the Social Media is going to work in their favour .

Interesting times . The last guy who tried this stunt didn’t come off too well . But he killed 50 million in the process.

“There's a sucker born every minute" is a phrase often credited to P. T. Barnum (1810–1891), an American showman. Though this phrase is often credited to Barnum, it was actually spoken by a man by the name of David Hannum.”

You see what I mean .


Appendix I
“ The Russian workers were largely organized at the turn of the 20th century, leading to a government-sponsored Union leadership. In 1905, theRusso-Japanese War increased the strain on Russian industrial production, the workers began to strike and rebel. They represented an autonomous workers movement, one that broke free from the government's oversight of workers unions. Soviets sprang up throughout the industrial centers of Russia, usually organized on the factory level. The soviets disappeared after the Revolution of 1905, but re-emerged under Socialist leadership during the Revolution of 1917.”
Appendix II
Emperor Zuma .
Andre Willers.
5 Oct 2010

Predictive synopsis:
RSA revolutionary system will bubble up into an encapsulated African Empire .
Time period :3 years , plus rapid consolidation thereafter .

Discussion :
We look at previous revolutions :
Meta view:
How many revolutions do we have to look at to get a reasonable view ?
From dimensional considerations , four is sufficient , but five + is better .

Chaos mathematics and Reserves (Least Error arguments)
Ignore events in 1/3 of time periods into Revolutionary Capsule .
See "NewTools"

Abstraction to general principles only become possible when the system has cooled down enough . Cf Big Bang . Symmetry breaking , etc .

There are two types of revolutions :

1.Encapsulated Revolutions :
The system contains its own excesses . A steady state of some sort is established , many times of a the steady state is of a dynamic nature .

2.Open-Ended Revolutions :
The system's excesses has to be contained by outside forces . This is a polite way of saying wars are necessary .

End-state Civilizations:
Encapsulated Revolutions (like Bronze Age , Roman Empire , British Empire)
Their end-states form and guide attempted Open-Ended Revolutions .

This sums up history for the last 5000 years .

Various recent Revolutions:
1.English Revolution . (Cromwell)
Capsule Period:
1649 (JamesI chopped) to 1688 (Grand Revolution) . 39 years . Ignore the first 13 years unless you are expert in chaos systems and watch the next 26 . (ie up to 1726) This is where the British Empire was coalesced .
Notice the Dutch influence .

2.American Revolution (Washington)
Capsule Period:
1776 to 1865 : 89 years . Ignore the first 30 years (ie up to 1806) unless you are expert in chaos systems .

3.French Revolution : (Napoleon)
Capsule period:
1789 to 1815 . 26 years Ignore the first 26/3 years (ie up to 1797) unless you are expert in chaos systems .

4.Russian Revolution : (Stalin)
Capsule period :
1917 to 1989 : 62 years . Ignore the first 62/3 years (ie up to 1938) unless you are expert in chaos systems

5.German Revolution (Hitler)
Capsule period:
1933 to 1945 : 12 years . Ignore the first 12/3 years (ie up to 1937) unless you are expert in chaos systems

6.Chinese Revolution . (Mao)
Capsule period:
1948 to 1986 : 38 years . Ignore the first 38/3 years (ie up to 1981) unless you are expert in chaos systems

7 South African Revolution .
Capsule period:
1994 to (2008+x) : 18+x years . Ignore the first (18+x)/3 years (ie up to 1999+x/3) unless you are expert in chaos systems
Use Bayesian systems .

What does this mean ?

Notice the aggressive pulse during the last 2/3 of the Revolutionary Capsule .

In the African context , it means an Empire based on SA expansion , allowed into a capsule . The capsule is porous , so actual Singularity bleed-through is allowed .
An Emperor is forced to let his subjects evaporate into the Singularity , or else face immediate revolt .

It is rather amusing to note that the Singularity will initiate in Africa . Has already initiated . Humans will end where they started .

Tojours , mes infants .


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