Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Low carb putu pap

Low Carb Putu Pap

Andre Willers
27 Mar 2013
Synopsis :
Tastes the same as putu pap , but is very low carb .

Discussion :
Recipe :
1.Mix about 1 tablespoon of maize(corn) flour with about 2 Tbsp oil , about 1 tsp salt  and about 50 ml liquid . Mix , preferably till an emulsion form .
2.Pour this over cauliflower florets in a microwavable bowl .
3.Pour the liquid pooled in the bottom of the bowl into a cup , stir florets , then pour the contents of the cup again over the florets .
4.Repeat this over and over again  for about 6 times. This coats the surfaces of the florets with a thin layer of maize flour .
5.Finally , discard excess liquid .
6.Now microwave florets on 900 watts for 7 minutes for firm , chewy granules . A bit longer (2-3 minutes) for smaller granules .
7.Break up the florets to taste with a knife .
8.Ready to eat .

What is going on ?
The microwaved cauliflower has the physical consistency of putu pap  . To get the maize taste , you coat the florets with a thin layer of maize meal . This gets cooked during the microwave process . The thin layer is enough to trigger the taste receptors in the mouth .
It even looks the same . It tastes the same , especially with some meat sauce .
Carbs are the same as for cauliflower . The thin layer of maize meal is negligible .

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