Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Electronic Poltergeists .

Andre Willers.
2 Apr 2014
Synopsis :
Do not get on a fly-by-wire plane if an emotionally disturbed female youngster  is a passenger .
Discussion :
1Traditionally , poltergeist activity (throwing things around) was ascribed to young , emotionally troubled  pubescent girls .
Poltergeist activity usually takes place when a young teenager is present.They can appear when puberty is present and the teen has emotional issues or trauma going on in their lives
2. Now , they throw electrons around in patterned ways .
Also called a Beth(2) blip  .
 Reprograms fairly stupid electronic systems . Like aircraft autopilots .
Might even activate some old dimensional transport systems .
3. The more electronic games , especially SecondLife ,the more effectiveness.

If you see somebody like this ,  take the next flight .

Basically  , an aircraft is a Faraday cage . But with powerful internal magnetic and electric fields .

Note that the normal Gauss normalizations are not applicable in rapidly fluctuating fields .
4. See all the yakity-yak about flight 370 .
The wreckage is most probabaly over  Borneo .
There are most probably survivors .
The plane was hijacked by a poltergeist .
Get used to it .


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