Friday, April 11, 2014

A Real Light Saber .

A Real Light Saber.

Andre Willers .
11 Apr 2014
Synopsis :
We find the minimum necessary sufficient upper and lower boundaries of Electric Field Strength to mimic matter . We can then generate Electric Field Strengths sufficient to make a Light Saber .
Discussion :
1.Upper boundary :
 E= 5.12616362 x 10^11    V/M
If we generate an Electric Field bigger than 5.12 x 10^11 V/M then we have a matter analog .
At least the edge of a Light Saber .
This is rather coarse , but suffices .
See Appendix A for the derivation of the Upper boundary .
2.  Lower Boundary :
E~ 10^9 V/M
“We present a theoretical study to determine the energies, widths, and wave functions of the neutral hydrogen atom under a constant electric field by the direct integration of the Hamiltonian in parabolic coordinates. We work in terms of the complex coordinate rotation to distinguish the resonances from the continuum sea, and the wave functions are expanded in a basis set of Laguerre-mesh polynomials. We obtain ab initio results for the first five atomic shells of neutral hydrogen for a field intensity up to 10^9  V/m.

3.There is a whole 10^2 magnitude of E to play around with special materials , quantum effects , etc .
4. Of course if you can mimic matter , why bother with steel , brick , etc ?
5. You can create your own private Universe without going through all that tiresome Bang-Bang , blow-up nonsense .

Have fun !


Appendix A
Derivation of upper boundary :
The symbols have their usual meanings .
Fieldforce=8.2 x 10^-8  N
This is over Bohr radius = 0.53 x10^-10   M
Field strength = 8.2 x 10^-8 /  0.53 x10^-10
                        = 1547.1698 N/M
E= V/M
E^2 = (N/M)  /  (C/V)
Capacitance F farads = C/V
Using the Bohr hydrogen model with the capacitance equations:
C = 4 * pi * electric_constant * bohr_radius = 5.8878e-21 F
This gives E= 5.12616362 x 10^11    V/M


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