Friday, April 04, 2014

Kill the big ones!

How our ancestors killed the big beasts .

Andre Willers .
5 Apr 2014
They poisoned them with punji stakes . Rh+ shit was much more poisonous than Rh- shit .
Discussion :
1.Big animals had paths . Between nests , watering holes , feeding places , etc .
2.Dig a shallow pit with a poisoned wooden stake in the path , and camouflage it .
3. Repeat .
4.The big animal dies , or gets very sick .
5.Their offspring become tender morsels .
6. Paleolithics were very familiar with poisons .
7. The most used was simply human excrement .
8. An intriguing speculation is that homo saps Rh+ factor was very poisonous to most animals even in excrement .
Cf faecal transplants
(I can’t find any hard evidence for this , but is reasonably certain that it would be found if anybody would bother to look .)
9. What this means is that  the Rh+ antibody developed because of a gut bacteria that switched on its lethality genes once it was excreted. Most probably an anaerobic  bacteria .
This has an old evolutionary history .
Monkeys are notorious for throwing excrement at threats . Predators will reflexively snap and swallow some of this shit .
Poisons will then evolve .
10. A corollary would be that a Rh+ and Rh-  coupling would be much more vulnerable to STD and HIV infections .
Also Ebola and other horribles .
11. Another corollary would be that (Rh+,Rh+) excrement would have markers for immune systems to Rh+ bacteria .
However  , (Rh+ , Rh-) would be vulnerable .
12. In any case  , animals in Africa evolved some immunity to Rh+ poisons , but animals in Europe and the America’s succumbed .
13. Human shit and cancer .
Human excrement from  Rh+ persons is a powerful cellular killer . This can be targeted .
Not that anybody cares a shit



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