Thursday, April 17, 2014

Treasures of Ghenghis and the Yassa .

Ghenghis Grave .

Andre Willers
18 Apr 2014 .

Synopsis :
The Khan was buried in multiple places . His bones without any adornment , in one single place  as befitted a conqueror . But around it and over the empire were multiple treasure burials . To obfuscate  .
Discussion :
1.Where he was buried : See coordinates .
In the crook of the small lakes . Ghenghis loved it .
All around were massive buildings , especially to the East. You can even see the ruins from orbit. Full of treasure , even now .
Full of gold and silver .
But especially a full copy of the Yassa .
A recipe for turning a bunch of barbarians into a focussed force .
The Chinese will do anything to prevent it’s dissemination .
I agree with them .
The Yassa is a Bad Thing .


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