Monday, April 21, 2014

King Tut grave withdrawals .

Andre Willers
21 Apr 2014 .
Synopsis :
Interested parties used King Tut’s tomb as an ATM .
Discussion :
1.Look at the so-called seal .
A rope binding with two free ends . It was meant to be unfastened and then fastened again .
It would have taken about 10 sec to undo that rope-seal .
Look at the scuff-marks at the top of the knot .(Top-left)
It was loosened and re-tied at least once , probably only once . .
2. Who ?
The Priests  , of course .
But then they were all purged , and the secret was lost .
3. I was doubtful about this rope-lock
4.But look at this . Ancient ropes .

3. Hence , there was only one Tut tomb robbery .
The guythat did the seal rope was left-handed , probably Phoenician .
4.There should be red hair caught in the rope fibres .

5.The Robbers scarpered . and could never reassemble .
6. Still , they must have taken a considerable amount of precious items .
This would have been bait . The anti-Akhnaton faction tried to mouse-trap the opposition.
It did not succeed . Some items (Akhnaton ) in stones should have survived .
7. These might still be in ciculation .

Look for effigies and imagies of rope .


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