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Gone Fishing .

Gone Fishing . 

Andre Willers .
19 May 2014 .
Synopsis :
Overcomplexification leads to cusp points . Things change abruptly . This is happening now in the Gulf of Mexico . A major ecological change . Fishes become fishers .
Discussion :
0.      Collapse of overcomplexified societies .

1.An example is best :
This insane example is from the official US IRS manual .
Humans seem to have lost the perception that something is going to eat them  .

Fishing Audit Technique Guide
NOTE: This document is not an official pronouncement of the law or the position of the Service and cannot be used, cited, or relied upon as such. This guide is current through the publication date. Since changes may have occurred after the publication date that would affect the accuracy of this document, no guarantees are made concerning the technical accuracy after the publication date.
Revision Date - August 2011
Table of Contents
And so forth . In every country .
I especially liked
Corporate Officers
Spouse as a crewmember
Husband and wife as partners
Children as crewmembers
How did they miss Spouse as bait ?
They must be slipping .

It goes on-and-on .
To catch a fish you need a horde of remora .
As Ayn Rand noted , eventually  Atlas Shrugged .
2.The relevance :
After the spill , expect good fishing .
Has it happened ?
Yes .
Good data is very difficult to come by , as all official agencies carefully avoid actual catches .
So , I have to rely on anectodal evidence for now .

3.More than you want to know .
And the fishing is monstrously good . The images below all show large juvenile aquatics .

4.And the weird mutants :

This is an actual large critter . and the scales are Kevlar .

Notice the blades on the sides . They are not serrated . This means they are very sharp and hard .
The structure of the beastie is segmented and very flexible . Which means the blades do not saw , but cut . Very sharp and hard .
In other words , a Kevlar analogue ,
This is a formidable bug underwater . Like a 3-dimensional buzz-saw .
Courtesy of Craig Venter .

Expect many more .
5.Sneaky suspicion :
The really serious one .
The Lionfish is hunting you .
The spines are better than Kevlar . A commercial opportunity .

6. One of the unintended  conseqenses of Craig Venter’s intervention in the Caribbean oil enterprise .
7. Actually , he can be quite proud . This is a very elegant organism .
There is one wee problem .
The armament is defensive . This means there is an offensive organism out there that eats Lionfish for breakfast .
If these take up Kevlar and other genes , humans might have a serious problem . Like extinction .
See ?
Fishing relaxes you .


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