Friday, May 30, 2014

Water of Being .

Stability of Water .

Andre Willers
30 May 2014
Synopsis :
Water and doped water has many discontinuous metastability regions . There are many economic applications .
Discussion :
1.Concept of metastability  :
Note that metastable states then have finite boundary levels .

Lower entropy is maintained in a domain because of lack of a triggering mechanism .
Well known example : leave a cup of water in a microwave too long . If you disturb it , it boils over .
The water was in a metastable state .
2. What does this mean ?
It means that we can lock in higher energy states (like a battery) or information (like molecule shapes) by using the metastability of water .
3. There are three factors that affect the stability states : Pressure , temperature and time .
4.Shockwaves :
These manipulate all three .
A shockwave increases/decreases pressure , and temperature , more rapidly than normal .
5. During this , as the shockwave passes , many different stability states are created .
6. Repeated shockwaves at the correct frequency increases the chosen stability state .
Stability bubbles will coalesce .
(A quantum effect . Might even be resonance at a distance . FTL communication ?)
7. Doped water .
Plain H2O then has memory of a limited kind , and duration (about 256 bits per phase transition)
But if it contains matter , especially deliciously resonant organic molecules , the number of metastable states increase by at least 3^(3^3) ~ 7.625 x 10^12   times .
This is about 1.952 x 10^15 bits .
The human mind is estimated to contain about 8.796 x 10^14 bits .
Doped water in a neuronal cell then contains an order of magnitude greater computational ability than the whole organism .
Does this make sense ?
Yes .
Also called the unconscious mind .
Distributed hierarchical computing .
And you are the pinnacle of that achievement !

8. These states are discontinuous with finite boundaries . They might be close , but not continuous .
9. This means that even small discontinuous influences (the sound of a truck going by , somebody dropping a pencil , playing rock music , etc) will affect the outcome of the experiment . Just compensate for them , like sound-cancellation . Well within our tech capabilities .
10 . Applications of the humorous kind :
Barely failures :
10.1 Cold fusion :
Worked sometimes , sometimes not . Cancel outside vibrations and vroom off .
10.2 Homeopathic medicine :
So close ! But so far !
The trick is in the succussion .
They ignored the only active element !
And that is the single element they did not standardise .
The hidden assumption strikes again !
The baby is thrown out with the bathwater .
11.Industrial applications :
Well , the above discussion described chaotic assembly of chemical compounds , which is used in a third of chemical engineering .
The only difference is that more complex pressure differentials are used .
12. Speeding things up .
From Appendix A , you will notice that most mathematical analyses are done on 1/(r^2) basis , ie unconstrained pressure wave . But in real life that never happens .
We constrain things by putting them in reaction chambers and stirring the hell out of them .
A simple way is Psyllium Husks and Microwaves .
The constraints are random , but that just makes it more interesting .
Many new compounds will be generated . (Hopefully , none will kill you – Darwin)
If you want to go the homeopathic route , simply take a drop , add psyllium , microwave , etc .
Note that you have the same problem with water as mathematicians have with randomness .
Can you exclude meaning ?
Of course you can’t .
Meaning spontaneously assembles out of finite random choices from an infinite smorgasbord .
13. Kitchen proof :
13.1 Coffee : 1 tsp instant coffee , ½ tsp psyllium husks ,add water ,  mix well , wait 10 minutes , microwave .
It tastes like a high end coffee .
Many of the aromatics have been randomly recreated in the psyllium reaction chambers .
13.2 Second Level coffee :
Take a ½ tsp of coffee from above para 13.1 , repeat . What does it taste like ?
I tried it . It tasted like very refined coffee . The lighter aromatics .
I presume  after a few more refinings it will be fit only for angels , since only they could taste it .

14. Major applications :
14.1 Perfume . Create new perfumes . Revitalize old ones .
Brew new potent sex pheromones in your kitchen ! (Beware of roach contamination)
14.2 Tastes .New tastes . Can’t wait to try this on curry . Or any spice .
14.3 Antibiotics . Put new discoveries on fast-forward . Kill them all!
15.Interesting things should be going on in galactic water clouds near  supernova’s .
Kilonovas might be stellar engineering .
Cloud intelligences are a real possibility .
Imagine if every waterdrop falling is smarter than you . What a worldview !
Every teardrop contains your multiplicities  .

Appendix A
References for the faint of heart . Just ignore them .


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