Saturday, February 14, 2015

Darwins Pigs

Darwins Pigs

Andre Willers
14 Feb 2015
Anti-domestication of the feral porcine variety . The hidden cost of Kosher and Halaal.

Discussion :
What happens when domestication works in reverse .
Aggression is strongly selected .
You get hippos or Cape Buffaloes instead of docile animals .
Feral domesticated pigs selected for aggression are the latest and most dangerous addition .

Humans and silver foxes .
Note the extraordinary plasticity of the genome . Seven generations is sufficient to domesticate .
There seems to be a whole epigenetic system that kow-tows .
Born with cap in hand …

Now we can do it with an aerosol spray . Perfumes of dominance .
Been done , and there are some really interesting defenses .
Professional betrayers .
Some cell-clusters produce bio-instruction molecules that are randomly close to the real thing , but has an apoptosis marker .
A sting operation .

Plants love them .
If you use plant based perfumes , you are shortening your life .

The old-fashioned way :


Cape Buffalo

“Bringing home the bacon …”  or vice versa .


This may seem like a ludicrous pitch for a doomsday blockbuster or a leftover gag from Babe: Pig in the City or an excuse to put even more bacon in our diet but the fact is, wild pigs have overrun the planet. To wit: Pig populations are nearing a million in the state of Florida, encroaching on urban areas and destroying an F-16 fighter plane in Jacksonville. Feral pigs are running (hog) wild in the streets of Berlin, with dedicated pig squads waging a losing battle to overtake them. They’ve become a fixture on the West Bank, after Israeli settlers, some say, released boars to destroy Palestinian croplands. There are even thousands of radioactive wild pigs wandering Europe, thanks to the tainted feeding grounds near Chernobyl.

The solution


If all else fails , try 

In an aircraft seat near you ...

It’s a bird , it’s a plane , it’s a boar in the seat next to you …
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Wild boar causes flight delays at Spain's main airport
February 14, 2015 - 10:06 AM

Associated Press
MADRID (AP) — Spain's airport authority says a wild boar that broke through a perimeter fence at Madrid's international airport caused runways to be shut briefly and two landings to be delayed.
The beast set off security alarms late Friday and when cameras focused on the spot, operators observed it turning around and loping off through the hole it had made.
The incident happened 100 meters (330 feet) from the nearest stretch of runway. It delayed an incoming flight from London 20 minutes and a domestic flight from A Coruna 10 minutes, the airport authority's statement said Saturday.
Newspaper El Pais reported the captain aboard Iberia flight 3179 inbound from London told passengers an animal had "surprisingly" forced him to abort a landing approach.
The hole was repaired later.

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