Thursday, February 19, 2015

NeoViking Swiss Bank Raids.

NeoViking Swiss Bank Raids.

Andre Willers
19 Feb 2015
Synopsis :
Swiss banks haven’t been raided for a long time . Banks on or near lakes are no longer secure  from NeoVikings .
Discussion :
As states break down , they cannot pay their special units anymore .
These go freelance . See Appendix A

2.Contingency plans :
If the UK Special forces had contingency plans to get access to Beirut banking vaults ,
then present day US and EU forces have the same concerning Swiss vaults .
3.Rogue units use these plans and resources to use Force Majeure to smash their way into Swiss vaults , hold them militarily while they strip them , and get the loot out using swarm drones ,both aerial and submarine .

4.The banks rely too much on national defence forces to prevent , deter and catch .
When states break down , these same forces join the raiders .
The Swiss banks have broken the Oath of Rutli .
They aid the burners of barns .
The Armed Forces are starting to look out for their personal interests .

6.A delicious filip :
I wonder which state will first issue a Letter of Marque to traffic on the Swiss Lakes ?
Or privateer hovercraft (See appendix B) .

ISIS , of course , but after Grexit probably Greece , Spain , Italy ,Ukraine , etc .
You see what I mean by things falling apart ?
And Switzerland is Bankster Central .
Something like the Spanish Main in the 16th century . Fair game .

“Grasping all , they lose all”


Appendix A
Most believable explanation , mostly because not a trace of the loot was ever found . The standard explanation is the PLO , but they leak like a sieve .
“In 1976, a crack team blasted its way into Beirut's British Bank of The Middle East and stole gold bars worth £100 million at today's prices; the world's biggest bank heist. With the robbers never found, who was responsible? “
Appendix B
How to use hovercraft in Tibet and Switzerland .

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