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NeoViking Private Navies .

NeoViking Private Navies

Andre Willers
17 Feb 2015
Synopsis :
As social collapse accelerates , private navies are appearing . Soon to morph into NeoVikings as support structures evaporate .
Discussion :
1.The inability of national navies to ensure the safety of their maritime merchants have led to the re-establishment of mercenary marines , private navies and mercenary naval drones .
Private Navies:

Mercenary Marines :

Drones :

Forget private airforces . Drones will rule the skies .
Expect major innovations in aerial drones like what happened with the Viking Longship .(See Below)

Super-cavitating drones .
The VA-111 Shkval (from Russian: шквал — squall) torpedo and its descendants are supercavitating torpedoes developed by the Soviet Union. They are capable of speeds in excess of 200 knots (370 km/h).[1]
It’s noisy , but a drone or drone launch can make it survivable .
Expect this technology to become commonplace and cheap .

Nukes :
Tactical nukes will be widely available as contractors or professional soldiers are no longer paid due to financial collapse .
2.As social collapse continues , the progression is mercenaries , privateers , pirates , NeoVikings .
This happened with the collapse of the Bronze Age civilization , Western Roman empire , various Chinese dynasties , Spanish Empire , French Empire , American empire , etc .

3. Elite Rats .
The sociopaths who end up as oligarchs in a collapsing society sees the collapse coming and scuttles for bolt-holes  , storing their loot in handy , concentrated form . Ideal for NeoVikings .
They will be hunted mercilessly .
They will be perceived as having more than half the wealth of the planet , and also the source of the collapse .
Island strongholds are usually the first to fall to NeoViking fleets . Even places like Fort Knox won’t be secure .  A few tactical nukes will take out any guarding forces , leaving the gold in the vaults intact . Same for New York .
Which is why most of this gold has already been moved .

4.An interesting bolt-hole that worked for a while : Ireland with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire .
Rich Romans , mostly from North Africa , fled to Ireland .
The influx of wealth stimulated the Irish Renaissance .
They survived fairly well until the Vikings because of the vertically integrated company structure of the monasteries .
And the oligarchs ended up as abbots . Delicious irony .
“Irish Christianity gradually developed a monastic system similar in style to the rural society at the time. Abbots, and not bishops, held the power and, eventually, the wealth.
The monasteries soon became indistinguishable from Irish secular society. They were family-owned and the abbots were usually married men who passed the monastery along to the next generation. They were also major centers of scholarship and learning. This was the great age of the independent Irish church. As Roman power declined and Europe fell prey to invading barbarians, Irish monks traveled abroad and brought the light of Christianity to the Dark Ages. They were in a unique position to do so because in Ireland, unlike Europe, scholarship flourished during this time. St. Colmcille, also known as Columba, founded a monastery on the island of Iona off the west coast of Scotland and his mission converted the northern part of Britain. St. Columbanus left Ireland to establish numerous monasteries on the European continent and traveled as far as Bobbio, in Italy, where he died in 615. His monastery at Luxeuil is said to have spawned about 100 other monasteries in the region. Columbanus and his fellow Irish monks are credited with playing a major role in the re-conversion of Europe to Christianity in the Dark Ages.”
5. How did the Vikings find them ?
Because they knew they were there .
The Norse learned and perfected clinker riverboat building by building riverboats under contract from the Batavians (present Netherlands) . (The Netherlands is not known for it’s timber , but they were excellent shipwrights and canal builders . They built Caesar’s invasion fleets)
These boats were ideal for river of or canal use and is still used for this purpose .
The Romans were the end-users. Riverboats were the main mass bulk carriers in the Roman Empire .
With the demise of the Western Roman Empire , this market disappeared .
The Irish were known as old Roman customers , and they also obligingly advertised their presence by missionaries .
Peaceful but desperate boatwrights morphed into Vikings  and the riverboat morphed into the Viking Longship .
Still essentially a riverboat . Note how the Vikings navigated the rivers of Europe and Russia .
The results are well known .

A Thames river clinker boat . A Viking would have felt right at home .

6. Viking is derived from the Old Norse “vic” , meaning a creek or small river .
“He’s gone a-viking” would then mean he sailed off in a riverboat , usually to raid or trade .
The Latin “Viccingi” seems to indicate the same .

Times rapidly coming to a civilization near you .


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