Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Planetary Sinkholes .

Planetary Sinkholes .

Andre Willers
25 Feb 2015
Synopsis :
Core transuranic sudden increase in energy release percolates into magma gases . This causes planetary surface to bloat by about 4% . Sinkholes appear in unstable surfaces . Expect flat volcanoes like Yellowstone to activate as cap is weakened .

Discussion :

2.The planetary inner core is made up of transuranics  , which for some unknown reason is releasing more energy .
Transuranics are superexplosives  .
A 10 kelvin increase in the magma gases will lead to a (using PV=nRT)
deltaArea = 10/1000 * 4/3*p= 0.04188
It means that the Earth’s surface area stretches by 4%

3.What does it mean ?
Finely fitted surfaces like pavements become unstable .
Anything not on bedrock has a 2% probability of swallowing you .
And it will get worse as magnetic pole movement accelerates .

In a  50 m stretch  you have a 2% probability of a sinkhole  .


Sinkhole opens up beneath South Korean pedestrians

24 February 2015 Last updated at 12:49 GMT
Local bus CCTV has caught the moment a sinkhole opened up in a pavement beneath two South Korean pedestrians.
Emergency workers rescued the man and woman, who were then taken to a nearby hospital in Seoul with minor injuries.
City officials and the Korean Geotec

4. Paranoids delight .
Not only are the bankers , politicians , religious nuts out to get you , but now you stand a 2% chance of being swallowed up by the Earth . Well , until the mega-tsunami’s hit .

5. Tread carefully .


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