Thursday, January 01, 2015

Hit the Wall

Hit the Wall.

Andre Willers.
1 Jan 2015
Synopsis :
Hit the Wall with the Restless Leg Syndrome , Swollen Legs and Acidosis .

Discussion :
1.The Cure :
Legs up the wall with proper breathing for about 15- 20 minutes a day .
Pictures tell it better :

2.How does it work ?
2.1 Fluid reservoirs in the legs drain.
2.2 At the same time , proper breathing reduces acidity of the circulating fluid (blood et al) , also initiating normal buffering .
As is usual with these things , nobody wants to stick their necks out to give detailed practical guidelines (this is not medical advice)
So , it is done ab initio in from basic principles Appendix A .

2.3 Surprize , surprize !
Most people with RLS and swollen legs will find that their breathing rate is well below 12 Breaths per minute .
And distributed in the wrong ratio’s.
See Appendix A .

3.Why does it work ?
3.1.After numerous ups-and-downs in blood and lymph pH due to too acidic foods (meats , mainly) , the body learns to store extra buffering bicarbonates in the fluid accumulation in the legs . Especially if said legs aren’t used too much .

3.2 Swollen legs .
This has a 100% correlation rate with Restless Leg Syndrome .
Blood and lymph fluid pH’s get completely confused , and the relevant neurotransmitters go in a tizzy .

A New Year’s Resolution even you can keep .
Exercise for the birds ?

Then Hit The Wall !

PS :
If you can do this , you don’t need it .


Appendix A .
Optimal pH balancing breathing .
Human normal adult breathing rate is 12 to 20 Breaths per minute .
Say an average of 15 BPM .
CO2 is the Reserve being considered .
Using General Reserve Arguments (see )
We analyse the breathing process as follows .
Inhales 2/3 , exhales 1/3
1/3 of inhales or exhales is in Hold category .

Optimal Ratio’s
Inhale  Inhalation  2/3x2/3 = 0.44             1 inhalation time
            Hold           2/3x1/3 = 0.22             1/2 inhalation time
Exhale  Exhalation 2/3x1/3 = 0.2222         1/2 inhalation time
             Hold          1/3x1/3 = 0.1122         1/4 inhalation time

Forcing it :
A general BPM of 12 to 20 gives 5 to 3 seconds per breath cycle .  
Many people have a longer cycle .

Relevant causes here :
Imbalance of electrolytes which are mineral related substances needed for conducting electrical impulses (bicarbonate , potassium)
Obstructive sleep apnea which is the repeated disruption of breathing during sleep. (RLS)

So , forcing faster breathing to 15 BPM (ie 1.76 second for inhalation ,etc) will reset mechanism .
This what Yoga breathing does .
Or (quelle horreur!) exercise with proper breathing .


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