Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ancient nuke shelters .

Ancient Nuke shelters .  

Andre Willers  
19 Feb 2014  
Some ancient underground structures in present Turkey look awfully like nuke bunkers .
Discusssion :
Look at the pictures and data :
Notice the hole in the middle of the blast door . This would be filled with frangibles , to soak up the energy of a close explosion .
Workable in a large complex . Blow the plug , not the door .
This suggests channelled overpressures . Air-fuel explosives spring to mind .
Aerosols of olive oil and cerials will do . Old tech .

Derinkuyu ('Deep Well'): Melagobia, Malakopi.
The largest of the Cappadocia underground complexes is multi-storey (18 storeys, 85m deep), with fresh flowing water, ventilation shafts and individually separated living quarters or 'apartments', shops, communal rooms, wells, tombs, arsenals and escape routes. It has the potential to house up to 20,000 people. The complex was air conditioned throughout, with 52 air shafts discovered so far, one of which is 55m deep.. some wells were not connected with the surface, presumably in order to protect the dwellers from poisoning during raids. (1)
There are another 200 subterranean settlements in the area although only a few are open to the public. (2)
The cost must have been considerable . Even present civilizations would find it onerous to have an ecology sufficient to house , feed and water 20 000 humans underground .
Strange old times .
Andre .


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