Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Pacifism Redux .

Pacifism Redux .

Andre Willers .
5 Feb 2014
Synopsis :
Hierarchies and Peace are compatible only with continual intervention .
Discussion :
A short summation of the argument :
1.Prey designation is delegated to higher members of a hierarchy .
2.To have Peace , the minimum necessary sufficient number of hierarchical tops need to be persuaded .
This says , that in any system , there are 1263 persons that have to be convinced that Peace is better .
The other interpretation is that any one of 1263 unknown individuals can cause war .
4.Peace is thus difficult , but not impossible . It is a Finite number .
5.This is like herding cats .
The interventions can then be only partial , preventing big wars, but allowing small ones .
6.Interesting  Corollary :
The closer to the Singularity , the fewer the number of bigger wars .
6.1The Prey Designators switch off Prey Designation , as cooperation is better , and also enforced .
6.2 Hold-outs : Oh Well . As I said  , intervention is called for .
7What has this to do with you ?
Most immune systems are hierarchical . The attacking bacterial and viral systems are also hierarchical . They switch on virulence according to quorum systems .
A quorum system is an hierarchical system . (Prove it yourself .)
8.The above then applies .
You can have peace (tolerance) between the host and attackers if you can manipulate 1263 markers  . Not too hard .
9.Cancers . Sometimes you need the Army .

10.Buddhism , Amish and all that .
They are hierarchical . The “demons” are defined by the top hierarch . All good believers are required to destroy demons .
If you don’t believe me , look at their histories . Both groups have distinguished combat histories . Especially the Tibetan Buddhists .

11.Not to mention Christians  and Muslims .
12.Nearly Perfect Peace is possible going into Singularity .
13. Unfortunately , these derivations do not hold for civilizations of Beth(4) or better .

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