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Children of the Soil .

Children of the Soil .

Andre Willers
6 Feb 2014
“Farm Soil , not plants “
Synopsis :
All terrestrial lifeforms are critically dependant on super-molecules . These are known collectively as Humic Acid .
Discussion :
1.See Appendix A for what Humic Acid is .
Look at the molecular structure . It is functionally similar to  a trifunctional antibody like
Evolutionary , we would expect antibodies to have evolved from Humic Acids , especially Fulvic Acids .
2.This has major effects .
2.1 We should be able to develop new , complex antibodies from Humic Acid (not the present hit-or-miss affair with soil bacteria or fungi)
2.2 A new agricultural revolution .
Farm the soil , not the plants .
Nutrient and water concentrations can be precisely tuned through optimized Humic Acids .
2.3 Smart Soil
Add in clouds of microcomputers  and microdispensers in the mix and we have Smart Soil .
Can make anything grow anywhere . Even without nano machines .

2.4 . Vacuum Smart Soil
Essential for Lunar or asteroidal crops .
Only small genetic tweaks would be needed for most plants . They are already mini-spaceships . Especially trees .
Remember : sea to arid land .
2.5 Artificial Ecosystems
Like space stations , planetary colonies , long-range space flight .
Smart soil will make these possible .
2.6 Pollution :
Fulvic Acid is already being used for human body pollution .
This is a lot of yada-yada . Just another Panacea . You really have to sift to get some sense .
But also see Appendix A on chelating properties of  Fulvic Acid .
2.7 Salinization reversal .
Something that I would considered impossible or very difficult now becomes a snap .
Just change the soil to Smart Soil .
Then the whole old Fertile Crescent in the Middle East becomes fertile again , never mind reduced water supply .
2.8 Fracking profitability increase .
Just adding humic acid , (better yet , Smart Soil) to the fracking liquid will drastically increase gas production .
This is what the molecules evolved to do .
With Smart Soil you could also minimize environmental hazards .
2.9 Fulvic Acid and the Immune System .
From the above arguments , we would expect interactions between Fulvic Acid and the Immune System , especially the dendritic cells and the Phene System .
Your attention is drawn to the importance of children playing in soil to lessen auto-immune diseases , like asthma .
With Smart Soil one could then reprogram Human or animal immune systems . Or destroy pests .
2.10 Hibernation .
Sulfur is intimately involved with hibernation .
The soil of dens of hibernating animals (like bears) should then have some very special Humic Acids .
And Humic Acid is adept at handling metals .
Ones that affect the H2S concentration handling .
We suspect that packing a human in a layer of soil from a hibernation den will significantly decrease metabolic rate .
The active humic acid molecules can be analysed and tweaked .
Cheap and easy way of making powerful narcotic and anti-agathic molecules .
Better look after your bears . They are a major source of profits .
Even a few grams of den-soil will have major rejuvenation properties . Will work well in conjunction with Botox .
Paralyze , hibernate , rejuvenate .

2.11 Radiation protection .
“Ex-Rad (or Ex-RAD), also known by the code name ON 01210.Na, is a drug developed by Onconova Therapeutics and the U.S. Department of Defense.[1][2] This newly developed compound is said to be a potent radiation protection agent. Chemically, it is the sodium salt of 4-carboxystyryl-4-chlorobenzylsulfone.[3]
This is a direct derivitive of  Fulvic Acid . See Appendix A .
Typical . Make something that is sold for $10 a ton into thousands of dollars per ounce .
Your civilization needs some serious revision .
2.12 Glomalin
A really , really tough glue .
Fungi between the stars .
The Glue of Life .
Since all the elements of Glomalin are available in interstellar gas clouds , this solves the problem of low densities .
Life can evolve even at very low densities of nutrients if you have a very strong glue .
If there is no rebound after a collision , the temperature will increase .
The infrared signature should be quite distinct . Already noted , but called something else .
Pockets of high temperature will evolve , and life .
Expect fungi in interstellar space .
And very tough little burghers , too .
We see them here below on Terra .
The main Terraformers .
Fungus is world's largest living organism
Jun 11, 2007
The fungus Armillaria ostoyae, commonly known at root rot, has become the world's largest living organism thanks to an outbreak in Prairie City, Ore.
Currently the fungus form dubbed the "humungous fungus" by the U.S. Forest Service underlies 2,200 miles of land outside the Oregon city and wildlife officials are at a loss how to stop its growth, The (Portland) Oregonian said Sunday.
With some estimates placing the fungus' age at 8,000 years old, the natural organism has had plenty of time to spread throughout the region as other life forms unknowingly moved above.

“Glomalin is a glycoprotein produced abundantly on hyphae and spores of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungi in soil and in roots. was discovered in 1996 by Sara F. Wright, a scientist at the USDA Agricultural Research Service.[1] The name comes from Glomales, an order of fungi.[2]
Glomalin eluded detection until 1992 because, “It requires an unusual effort to dislodge glomalin for study: a bath in citrate combined with heating at 250F for at least an hour.... No other soil glue found to date required anything as drastic as this.” - Sara Wright.[3]
The discoverer of glomalin, Sara Wright, thinks the “glomalin molecule is a clump of small glycoproteins with iron and other ions attached... glomalin contains form 1 to 9% tightly bound iron.... We’ve seen glomalin on the  ouside of hyphae, and we believe this is how the hyphae seal themselves so they can carry water and nutrients. It may also be what gives them the rigidity they need to span the air spaces between soil particles.” Glomalin takes 7–42 years to biodegrade. The highest levels of glomalin were found in volcanic soils of Hawaii and Japan.[3] 

3. The Prices
3.1 Agricultural (typical)

humic acid fulvic acid prices
FOB Price:

US $1,000 - 10,000 / Metric Ton Get Latest Price
Min.Order Quantity:
0.5 Metric Ton/Metric Tons
Supply Ability:
1000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons per Year
Payment Terms:
L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram
3.2 Human nutraceuticals
You pay your money and take your chance .
About US 0.25 per day . RSA R2.70 per day

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Summary :
Life evolved in interstellar gas clouds , but really took off when a really sticky glue evolved .
Then spread all over .
Isn’t life fun ? Even if a bit sticky .
PS . I would like to give credit to I had never even heard of the Fulvic Acid concept before this morning . Thank you .

Appendix A
1.Humic Acid
Humic acid is a principal component of humic substances, which are the major organic constituents of soil (humus), peatcoal, many upland streamsdystrophic lakes, and ocean water.[1] It is produced by biodegradation of dead organic matter. It is not a single acid; rather, it is a complex mixture of many different acids containing carboxyl and phenolate groups so that the mixture behaves functionally as a dibasic acid or, occasionally, as a tribasic acid. Humic acids can form complexes with ions that are commonly found in the environment creating humic colloids. Humic and fulvic acids (fulvic acids are humic acids of lower molecular weight and higher oxygen content than other humic acids) are commonly used as a soil supplement in agriculture, and less commonly as a human nutritional supplement. As a nutrition supplement, fulvic acid can be found in a liquid form as a component of mineral colloids. Fulvic acids are poly-electrolytes and are unique colloids that diffuse easily through membranes whereas all other colloids do not.[citation needed] "Synthesis of fulvic acid (1a) was accomplished by a route involving selective ozonization of 9-propenylpyranobenzopyran (1c), obtained by a regioselective cyclization of the 2-methylsulphinylmethyl 1,3-dione(3c)."[2]

The presence of carboxylate and phenolate groups gives the humic acids the ability to form complexes with ions such as Mg2+, Ca2+, Fe2+ and Fe3+. Many humic acids have two or more of these groups arranged so as to enable the formation of chelate complexes.[7] The formation of (chelate) complexes is an important aspect of the biological role of humic acids in regulating bioavailability of metal ions.[5]

Interesting aside :
Ancient masonry[edit]
“In Ancient Egypt, according to archeologystraw was mixed with mud in order to produce building bricks. Straw produces stronger bricks that are less likely to break or lose their shape. Modern investigations have found that humic acid is released from straw when mixed with mud, basically a mixture of sand and clay. Humic acid increases clay's plasticity.[11]

Of course it would . Trifunctional antibodies tie two things together in flexible bonds ..

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