Sunday, February 23, 2014

How Hot are you ?

Andre Willers.
23 Feb 2014 .

Synopsis :
Attractive people get about 2/3  advantage  . But what makes them attractive from image alone ?

Discussion :
Try this at your own peril. Do you really want to know ?
Caucasian female . Lush or faded . Mature men prefer the right hand version .

Caucasian male normal attractive . Graded from left to right . All women prefer the left hand version .

Real life :
Older men like mature women better than bimbos , but all women like boy toys .

2. Theory :
There is no comprehensive theory, only pointers .
From :
Look below :
More attractive on the left photo , less attractive on the right .  Purely from statistical analysis .
This what is routinely done on the Web and magazines .
There is no “You” . Only an image . The irony is that these manipulators would not pass the first stage .
Like an author or method actor . Caught up in other people’s lives , instead of living their own .
Interesting aside :
The idealized photos of both men and women on the attractive left shows slightly smaller left eyes than the
left eyes on the on the unattractive side photo’s .
This is averaged over a large number of individuals .
So this seems to be a real effect .
Generally , an eye size disparity is indicative of some pathology , usually neuroticism.
The pictures indicates a tendency to neuroticism in the more attractive versions .
 Ask yourself why .
I don’t know why .
Is a neurotic person fitter in the Darwinnian sense than a well-adjusted person ?
It  seems so in the Brave New World.

If you have to be crazy to get a reproductive partner , I strongly suggest you get off-planet .

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