Friday, February 21, 2014


Andre Willers
22 Feb 2014

The Chinese credit bubble is about to pop .

says it better  .

"By now everyone knows that the Chinese credit bubble has hit unprecedented proportions. If they don't, we remind them with the following chart of total bank "assets" (read debt) added since the collapse of Lehman: China literally puts the US to shame, where in addition to everything, the only actual source of incremental credit growth over the same time period has been the Fed as banks have used reserves as margin for risk purchases instead of lending. 
Finally, what everyone learned over the past month, is that as the two massive, and unresolvable forces, come to a head, the first cracks in the facade are starting to appear as first one then another shadow-banking Trust product failed and had to be bailed out in the last minute.
However, as we showed last week, and then again last night, the default party in China is only just beginning as Trust failures in the coming months are set to accelerate at a breakneck pace."

The Chinese reserve is but $3 trillion . Exposures to bad debts are far larger . 
The same thing happened to Japan in 1991 .


Keep your powder dry and a deep trench nearby .


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