Saturday, February 01, 2014

Get smarter.

Teaching the Immune System.

Andre Willers
1 Feb 2014
Synthetic bifunctional and trifunctional antibodies not only train the immune system , but makes it much smarter .
1.While antibiotics and antibodies seems to grab the attention , what about the Immune system ?
2.While the immune system (dendritic cells especially) is not terribly smart , if you hit it over the head with a hammer enough it will take notice .
4. A trifunctional antibody like is just complex enough to trigger evolution in the immune system . Make it smarter .
5.Vaccine effect .
Very small (vaccine) doses of Catumaxomab should teach the immune system to be smarter .
6.General intelligence
This means that theoretically , we can have an IQ vaccine . Ways of teaching the mirror-neurons to be smarter .
And very simple , too . Derivitives of Catumaxomab will do . The point is the three-way connection .
7.Distributed intelligence
An IQ vaccine of this type would result in a very smart immune system . A Little Brother .
Stop worrying  about Big Brother .
A smart immune system would really keep you on a short leash .
8.The only way out is if the brain grows much smarter.
And then we are off to the IQ races .
Though I did not expect it to be against my own blood  .
I wanted to be smarter . But not only bits of me!


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