Monday, February 10, 2014

New type of door .

Novel type of Door

Andre Willers
10 Feb 2014
An open-and-shut case for a new type of door .
Discussion :
The inventor’s website
Initial comments (this is very recent. It has not percolated through yet .)
3.Uses :
That a new design of something as old and fundamental as a door is possible is amazing .
So the possibilities are only being explored .
Note that only two pivots are required for installation . This is the key .
3.1 Partitions in small spaces (flats , Japanese houses , shower doors , etc)
3.2 Fridge doors . Need only keep cold air in . Most kitchens are small . A considerable space-saving is possible .
No out-swing door or sliding tracks .
3.3 Shower doors .
Those pesky tracks keep on jamming , or gets grungy with soap and mildew . This is a much more elegant solution .
3.4 Pulse jet engines (like V1) and rotary engines (like Wankel).
These would benefit from a re-think considering these principles .
3.5 Rotary biochemical systems .
Particularly mitochondria .
3.6 Artificial heart valves .
Get a distributed heart . Torggler valves through the circulatory system can take over most heart functions .
Energetically expensive , but most humans are too fat anyway .
3.7 Micro-pump metering
Like with micro-pumps . Fluidic computing . Combine with SCUBA-type demand control and micro-irrigation can be more efficient by orders of magnitude . Drug administration .
3.8 Nano-tech.
The simplicity of the design lends itself to nano-gates , which at that scale and at lower temperatures , can selectively let molecules of differing energies through . (In other words , a Maxwell’s Daemon might be possible because of lower computational energy requirements)
3.9 Natural life-forms .
Check bird feathers , shark-skins and dolphin skins for doors for Torggler valves .
4. The suggestive applications seem endless .

5.Does this idea deserve Three Quarks ?
Three quarks beats a nobel any day .
But three quarks and two nobels is a Full House .
Time will tell .
"Three quarks for Muster Mark!/Sure he hasn't got much of a bark/And sure any he has it's all beside the mark." This passage from James Joyce's Finnegans Wake.



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