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Atmospheric Rivers in southern Africa

Atmospheric rivers in Southern Africa .

Andre Willers
22 Apr 2013
Synopsis :
Endorrheic Atmospheric Rivers form over the old Makgadigadi sea after good rains and dump on the Witwatersrand in a periodic fashion .
Discussion :
1.Logic flow :
1.1The old bottom of the Makgadigadi Sea ( see ) bakes hot .
1.2 Rains flow in from the tropics , falling to the ground , heating up , leading to heavy evaporation .
1.3 This establishes a bottom level for the Atmospheric river . Hot water molecules evaporating from the ground forms an interface with moist air from the tropics at about 1000 m  . Standard atmospheric river formation .
1.4 Hot , moist air from the tropics continue to flow over this interface level . Sort of skips over it .
1.5 But instead of falling  as rain , it skews to the East (coriolis) and ends up against the mountain range at the eastern end of the Makgadigadi basin . The Witwatersrand .
1.6 Here it dumps it’s load of moisture .
1.7 This happened now in April 2013 .
1.8 This will increase as global warming increases .
1.9 This is a process which is periodic . See .Driven mainly by the temperature (which determines the moisture content) .
1.10 As it gets hotter , the frequency of sky rivers will increase and the Makgadigadi Sea will start to refill .  The Okavango will drown .
1.11 Johannesburg better get some good drains .
1.12 Tectonic instability : all that water weighs a lot , causing stresses in a tectonically unstable area . The Victoria Falls might well close again . It has done so repeatedly in the past due to exactly these reasons .
1.13 Acid  Mine Drainage (AMD) :
The Witwatersrand is a watershed system . To the east , Vaal river . If to the west , into the Makgadigadi Sea .
1.14 Has this happened before ?
This whole territory had been mined heavily in prehistoric times . It does not take much to have an acidic , radioactive poisonous pollution . Check radioactivity levels at various strata in Makgadigadi bed .
1.15 All those hundreds of kilometres of ruins might be analogous to Angkor Watt , where humans also poisoned their wellspring .
1.16 Feedback cycle :
This has happened many times before .
A goodly sized atmospheric endorrheic river like this might not equal 15 Mississippi’s ,
 but it jolly well is more than 2 or 3 Zambezi’s.
Which means that the Makgadigadi Sea does not depend on the closing of the Victoria falls in order to start filling up .
2. Global Warming and Johannesburg :
Johannesburg can thus expect increasing frequencies of Sky River inundations . As should the Okavango .
3. Funnily enough , really fierce electrical storms should decrease . Too much moisture in the air . Just more steady , soaking rain .
4. From history , the Eastern borders of the old Makgadigadi Sea should become really , really desirable property . This is where humans evolved , and resonate with even deeper level than the Savannah-Tree copse model .
5. What would that look like ?
This is where a human can really relax down to his muddy toes . Just like on the shores of the dear old Makgadigadi .
Come to think about it , it does look a lot like the temple of Hatshepshup . Just add the vegetation . Which was there in Phaoronic times . The Greek ideal was but a pale copy .
6. Civilized Note :
The tree analogues (pillars) are not on top (like with the Akropolis) , but at the base of steep hill . With a flood plain and free flowing water in front of it . If there is no threat , then this is a hominin’s idea of heaven .
Inversely , a superimage of it will induce a deep calm in humans . At deeper than sub-conscious levels . Amygdala levels .
Should work with PTSD .
7. Take Hatshepshup’s creation , add gardens in front and a flowing river in front of that . In Virtual Reality this will be an idoru .
Good for PTSD , relaxation , pondering your sins , pondering others’ sins , and contemplating the various follies of mankind .

8. Add some pipes made from the reeds in the river .
The closest I can come to the spirit of it is
And the guitars  ? Have you never heard of the Makgadigadi Guitar ?
That is the strings of your ancestral soul  being plucked .
See that great dream  drama “Love canoe’s of the Makgadigadi”
Kindler , gentler times .
Andre .

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