Friday, April 19, 2013

Yawning and !Click

Yawning and !Click

Andre Willers
19 Apr 2013
Synopsis :
Yawning is part of the body’s stress stand-down system .
Discussion :
1.The most important part of the yawn is closing the teeth on nothing . !Click . This stands-down the fight-or-flight response to stress .
2.The logic flow :
In a hunt , the fight-or-flight reflex is activated . This involves a gaping mouth , rapid inhalation . If the hunt is successful , the mouth closes on something soft (flesh) . If not , then the teeth click together , causing percussion effects through the body . If the hunter misses about three times , the chances of catching anything is remote . Therefore , the fight-or-flight system then stands down to conserve energy . This operates at synapse level .
How to mimic it :
2.1 Yawn : open mouth wide . Ready to bite . Inhale (oxygenate) .
2.2 Bite down on nothing . Teeth clicks .
Percussion effects causes density variations in neurotransmitters . This is recognized by neural networks at synapse level to stand-down . This has to be repeated at least three times .
2.3 Tongue clicks : these will enhance the effect . (Percussion)

3. Sex :
Nipping will then enhance arousal . The teeth closes on something yielding . A sex toy that has the plasticity as flesh will have the same effect , and spare your partner some wear-and-tear . Clicking the teeth will signal a stand-down . Literally .
4.Boredom :
Boredom is a stressor . (Google it) . That is why humans and animals yawn when bored . The same stress-relief mechanism as above .
A yawning predator is quite dangerous . It is actually stressed and aroused . Looking for trouble . Ask any teacher or sergeant .
5.Sleepiness :
The body  is yawning and clicking teeth in the process of  standing-down stress systems to be able to sleep .
6.Contagious yawning :
Social animals are signalling each other that fight-or-flight systems are standing down . Mirror-neurons enhance the effects .
7. How to relieve stress or insomnia :
Yawn , double click teeth on each other , double click toungue . Repeat three times .

8.If no teeth or artificial teeth , the percussion does not propagate as well . Why old people have insomnia and grouchiness . Use tongue click instead . The same for babies or small children with immature teeth.
See all my previous posts on the !Click language .
9. Super !Click :
Like super images (idoru) .
Dentures that exaggerate the percussion can be built .
The poor man can just eat plain Rice Krispies . The implosion of compressed rice-puffs will have the same effect (sonance) .
Random , yes , but remember Stochastic Resonance .
Freezing the rice crispies should enhance the percussive effect .
10 . Forget tranquilizers or sleeping pills . A tablespoon or two of smartly bitten plain rice crispies will have the same effect .
There are many recipes for rice crispy treats , plain or frozen on the net . Many explicitly used for stress .
If you can hear the pop-crunch , so can the percussive systems .
Watch a dog with a bone .
11. Placebo nano-particles .
Something to stand-down overactive immune systems .
When the crunch comes , the tough choose rice crispies .

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