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Safer Food

Safer Food

Andre Willers
20 Apr 2013
Synopsis :
Reduce the chances of bacterial contamination with style .
Discussion :
This is not medical advice .
0. Contamination can only take place with contact , except for Staphylococcus aureus  found on humans and in the environment in dust, air, and sewage. . So there is always air-contamination .
1.Take a nice meat stew that has simmered for 3 hours . All the bacteria in it has been killed .
2.It can only be contaminated from the outside .
3. Sealing it hermetically gives canning , but we want to eat now .
4. Look at the route from the pot to the mouth :
4.1 Dishing-up spoon
4.2 Plate
4.3 Knife , fork , spoon
5. Critical element :
The dishing-up spoon must be as bacteria-free as possible , as it is the only utensil that enters the cooking pot .
Use a microwavable spoon (ceramic , plastic ,etc) . Rinse it and pop it into the microwave for about 8 seconds on full power .
(The rinsing is to give a thin layer of water for the microwaves to work on)
See Appendix A for pasteurization temperatures .
Do not touch it or use it again after tasting from it .
6. Second critical element :
The plates . After dishing up , the food sits on the plate for long enough for bacteria to multiply explosively . Especially if the conversation is good and the wine better (or at least more plentiful) .
I thought that heated plates was an affectation , but it is actually quite important .
Remember , plates are handled . Contamination occurs from the hands , cloths , oven gloves , etc .
Notice that cultures where heated plates are not used tend to gulp their food .
Microwave the plates after rinsing for about 8 seconds on full power .
Use sterilized oven gloves (boiling water , or just pop silicone ones in the microwave) . Just to reduce the bacterial load .
7. The third critical element : knives , forks and spoons . Especially serrated knives and between the tines of forks .
Just microwave them as above .
8. Cups or glasses (ceramic or glass) : just nuke them .
9. What is really important ?
I am only going to make sure of the dishing-up spoon and heating the plates .
This should remove about 80 % of the risk .
10. Refrigerate the pot as soon as possible . Immediately after serving . Extra-helpings can be nuked .
11. Those ceramic knives look quite tuxedo in a 007 fashion  . Maybe I’ll get some .
12.Finger foods :
Humans are actually quite fastidious about touching food other people are going to eat (mutual manners) .
It is fascinating to speculate that there is a mirror-neuron network in every human that has ever shared a pizza that sits and watches every slice that has been touched by another person , and avoids it .
The mass behaviour that will then evolve is to only touch what you are going to eat .
The penalties are severe , ranging a frown to expulsion from the communal food source .
13. That leftover pizza standing overnight is then less contaminated than a pot with a dirty serving spoons or contaminated plates .
Cowabunga !
The nostalgic can see Appendix B for the origin of saying . (Or just for the hell of it )

Appendix A
63ºC (145ºF)  30 minutes
72ºC (161ºF)  15 seconds
89ºC (191ºF)  1.0 second
Appendix B
 Cowabunga!  - The Origin.
14 Jan 2007
Andre Willers

The origin : Covadonga

Literally : Cova Domenica , latin for Cavern of our Lady .

The term seems to have originated as a battlecry , denoting delight in the forces of the right inflicting a defeat on the unrighteous against overwhelming odds .

The Battle of Covadonga refers .

By 721 AD , the only Visigoth resistance left against Muslim expansion in the Spanish peninsula was in the mountainous northern areas of Spain called Asturia . A local aristocrat called Pelagius ( Pelayo) managed to defeat them at the Battle of Covadonga . The Christian kingdom of Asturias resulted , later forming the core of the Kingdom of Castile . This was the start of the Christian reconquistada of Spain

Units of the Spanish army are still referenced by Covadonga .
Google together to see that the same sense remains .

Morphing :
The “V”  comes from Latin spelling , which had no separate character for the Germanic  “W”  sound .
Cova Domenica -> Covadonga ( a shift due to extremely reduced literacy and bureaucracy of an insignificant place after the collapse of the Roman empire )
Covadonga -> Covadunga ( the second is easier to pronounce aloud)
Covadunga -> Covabunga ( the second is easier to pronounce aloud)
Covabunga -> Cowabunga ( the second is easier to pronounce aloud for germanic speakers )

Past Significance :
As a marker in the turning of the tide in the Christian-Muslim conflict in Spain , it’s reputation grew in myth and legend , then dimmed in the ensuing tumultuous centuries as the Christian-Muslim conflict ebbed and Spanish influence waned .

It still has deep cultural roots in Spain and previous Spanish colonies .


Put yourself in the place of an inhabitant of the Iberian peninsula circa 720 AD . They were a post-collapse melange  composed of old Roman families (large landowners mostly ) like Pelagius , the recent Visigothic conquerors  and  the ex-latifunda slaves , all battling to survive and establish some equilibrium . All Christians of various persuasions .
As a fighting force , this mixture was not up to resisting the thrust and momentum of a century of Muslim conquest in Egypt and North Africa .

The Visigoth mounted horse attempted a defense under King Roderick , but was heavily defeated in 711 by an Arab expeditionary force . Light cavalry routed heavy cavalry when heavy cavalry are unsupported by fortresses and infantry ( something that happened with tedious regularity all over the remnants of the Roman Empire)

The Arabs rolled over Spain in a seemingly unstoppable wave .

At Covadonga the wave hit a rock .

The rock seems to have been a method of combining
1. the few remaining heavy cavalry (Visigoths) ,
2. the infantry (local farmers with shields , swords and spears dating back to great- grandfather’s  mustering out of the Roman legions )
3. and  most importantly  , the majority of the population . The ex-slaves .

To mobilise the ex-slaves , the Church was necessary . These people had been kept in subjugation mainly by “learned helplessness” conditioning . The Christian religion already had the tools ( see : “forgiveness is free , the last shall be first”)  to break this conditioning .

This was the crucial development for the next millennia . (It is still on-going)

An indication:
There is little hard evidence of the battle , not even the date . But one  bit that survived was that “God turned the arrows around in mid-flight and turned them back against them.”
We can surmise that the Christian infantry and archers stood firm on the defensive . The Arabs then attacked in waves of mounted archers . The standard tactic was to exhaust the defenders’ supply of arrows (remember , the Arabs were a professional force with huge supplies , while the defenders were a bunch of yokels ) until the defenders had no distance-weapons left . Then a swift charge on the weakest point settled matters . 

However , the normally indifferent bottom-of-social heap went into the no-man’s land to pick up arrows and give them to the defenders . Hence the “turned-around arrows” .

This was unheard of . Slaves were slaves , conditioned into it . The rebellious ones had been culled long ago . Large numbers of slaves could not fight effectively , even if commanded to .

The “Learned-helplessness” conditioning is a true neural-level , nuts-and-bolts level conditioning .

The only way to break it is at a self-consciousness level

 ( see : “The Religious Experience and Proximal rewards” )

This battle was very closely studied and copied all over Europe .

The military ecology paradigm shift .

To reiterate , Covadonga was a combination of defensive , offensive and unfriendly military ecology .

The military ecology was new . No previous civilizations had the technology to break the learned-helplessness conditioning , as well as the will .

Total war was born .

This same recipe was followed in the Reconquistada and in Spanish territories in South America .

This meme propagated via Martel and Holy Roman empire to the rest of Europe .

It is interesting to note that slavery is incompatible with this meme .

Indeed , the meme that Christians may not own Christian slaves , whereas Muslims were allowed to own Muslim slaves led to the historic reductio-ad-absurdems of general-franchise England and all-slaves-except-Sultan Ottomans . The battlefield results are known as well .

At last! A Proximal reward reason why general slavery was not re-established in Europe .

The mobilization of the Christian Church as an essential part in the military paradigm would obviously lead to purely military considerations of the role of the Vatican . However , this would conflict with basic Christian assumptions . This would lead to internal roiling . As usual , a merry time is had by all .

The Crusades , the mass production of spectacles , printing , protestantism , the age of reason , nationalism , democracy , capitalism , communism are all only possible because of the paradigm established at  Covadonga .

It is interesting that Cowabunga should resurface from the cultural collective-mind at a similar time as a steep escalation of the Christian-Muslim conflict . Whether it is a natural or engineered process , more of a similar nature can be expected .

Not bad , Pelagius .

Your paradigm of deconditioning learned-helplessness has not only changed the preceding millennia , but will change the succeeding ones as well .

It has changed human history .

Pelagius , I salute you .

Andre Willers

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