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Andre Willers
6 Apr 2013
Synopsis :
Pinching the upper lip about 1/3 from nostril and lip for about 30 sec a day has pronounced benefits , especially for those on statins .
Discussion :
1.This is not medical advice . Consult your doctor .
2.Statins have been implicated in skeletal muscle cramps and tetany . Google it .
3. Pinching the upper lip about 1/3 from nostril and lip for about 30 sec a day activates the GV26 acupuncture point . This has very well-documented effects for both humans and animals  . Eg Appendix I , II
4.Statins have some very beneficial effects . (see Appendix III) .
5.Stimulation of GV26 regulates the effects of statins in a synergistic way

5.This seems to influence calcium , potassium , magnesium levels pari-passu with the lipid levels .
Pinching GV26 makes cramps go away by adding another , more sophisticated level of regulation to cellular permittivity .
6.But how , and why ?
The why seems easy , and we creep up on the how :
7. Snot Channel .
Evolutionary reasons .
An external amygdala interrupt from between the mouth and nose seems like a good idea . We already have internal ones .
We would then expect in humans that the tongue should be able to reach 2/3 up the philtrum to GV26 .
Which it does . I just tried it .
The tip of the tongue is then expected to have exuders of biochemicals that affect behaviour .
Wet your finger with the tip of your tongue and place it on GV26 .
Better yet , wet forefinger and thumb with the tip of the tongue .
Then pinch the upper 1/3 of the philtrum .
A sliding pinch happens . All sorts of systems get activated .
Pinch and pull : equivalent to suction effect on pressure sensors in skin .
Without the chemosensor triggers of blood and excrement , the system then takes this as a stand-down for fight-or-flight systems .
Hence all the beneficial effects of stimulating GV26 .
Like nursing .
8.Kissing : 
Popular in human mating rituals . Best by stimulating nursing rhythms on upper lip by using lip pressure and tongue from between the front teeth and upper lip . Decreases aggression and common-sense .
8.1. Extro-Kiss
With tip of tongue , pressurize top third of channel between nostril and lip (Philtrum) from the outside . Then suck it .
This is actually more intimate than even full sexual intercourse . Information is exchanged before body defense systems can act .
You really have to trust someone .
Note the human revulsion to the idea : that is because it is so intimate .
Yuck !

9.The GV26 spot is then a plexus of biochemical sensors that is right at the front edge of the feeding muzzle . Where the rubber hits the tar , even before the inner mouth . Ever watch scavengers or predators feed on a large carcass ?
They push the muzzle in , then bite .
There is a rhythm , which is the same as the suckling rhythm of mammals . A pressure and then a slightly lower pressure due to withdrawal and sealing effects of fatty liquids around the nipples .
There is a pressure and suction effect on GV26 nerve plexes . Saliva and snot combine in a potent message .
Hitting a dog just below it’s nose will switch on it’s predator reflexes . If there are two or more dogs present , they will then form a pack and attack the original hitter . Happens all the time . Built in at neuro-level .
9.How to enrage a human :
A sharp blow to the nose to induce bleeding , then a painful pinch or blow to the upper lip will switch off higher levels of thought .
10 .Corollary :
If using GV26 pinch to resuscitate , make sure fingers are dry . Unless you want to induce extremes , in which case use saliva from tongue tip or blood .
11. Glasses , cups etc.
When drinking the last bit of that expensive booze or coffee , the upper rim of the cup pressurises the GV26 point.
Note that all fancy glasses of expensive drinks have an upper rim that stimulates the upper lip . Now you know why .
12.Alcohol :
An elderly lady (94 years old) with a few strokes and some senile dementia will benefit from the following measures :
12.1 Upper lip pinch of 30 seconds per day . All systems . (See Appendix I , II)
12.2 Statins (See Appendix III)
12.3 Half a glass of wine per day (See Appendix IV)

Appendix I
ElectroAcupuncture can lower the levels of serum TC, LDL-C and TG and suppress cerebral ischemia plus hyperlipemia induced decrease of NGF level in the brain, which may contribute to its effect in relieving ischemic cerebral injury.
Appendix II
 GV26 improved the functional activity of the cortical cells, as assessed by histochemical changes in lipid and cholesterol in the zona fasciculata of the adrenal cortex in rabbits (73
Appendix III
CONCLUSIONS The results of the present study demonstrate that simvastatin and atorvastatin significantly improve the recovery of rats from ICH, possibly via angiogenesis and synaptic plasticity.
Appendix IV study suggests that administration of ethanol at a dose of 1.5g/kg after stroke - which provides rat blood alcohol levels equivalent to the legal driving limit - produces a differential protein profile, with increased expression of anti-apoptotic proteins and decrease in pro-apoptotic factors. This results in a significant reduction of neuronal apoptosis and is neuroprotective in ischemia-reperfusion injury.
Appendix V
Philtrum :
Location: At the junction of the upper and middle third of the philtrum.
The philtrum (Latin philtrum, Greek φίλτρον philtron), is a vertical groove in the middle area of the upper lip, common to many mammals, extending from the nose to the upper lip.
“If you have ever seen a "water-birth" you may see new-born babies pushing their top lip against their nose sometimes using their tongue to do so. Why? 

Well the groove of the philtrum is usually a perfect fit for the skin between the nostrils, and the upper lip seals the nostrils aiding breath-holding. 

It has been suggested that this ability was more pronounced in the past and some of us can do it better than others. 
This suggests that a sucking effect on GV26 should have pronounced effects on diving-reflex type of mechanisms .
As well as blood-pressure .

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