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Botox and Running .

Botox and Running .

Andre Willers
27 Apr 2013
Low-grade botulism poisoning degrades athletic performance because of low-grade nervous paralysis .
Discussion :
1.Eating any food that has been cooked  for less than 15 minutes at 100C will slow you down .
2.This is because of very low levels of botulism toxin  .
3.Proteins  certainly . But some veggies are very pro-botox : Potatoes , mushrooms , cauliflower , asparagus , kale .

I was so proud of my Cauliflower low carb putu-pap . See
I didn’t get pains  , just weakness . Low-grade nerve paralysis .
Bah !

 4. Present problems :
I self-diagnosed low-grade botulism poisoning . 
Symptoms : 
Leg weakness. General muscle weakness .
Swollen ankles
Diarrhiaea . 
Shortness of breath . Panting . Panic stations . 

5. Alcohol and nicotine helped .

6.I suspect (from google) that alcohol and nicotine displaces the botulism molecule at the 
receptor site . Any comments ?

7. Has C. Botulinum mutated to create botox stable at higher temperatures ?
1. _C. botulinum_ bacterium dies at 212 F/ 100 C.
2. _C. botulinum_ spores die at 240 F/ 116 C.
3. Botulism toxin denatures at 185 F/ 85 C.
**(All temperatures must be maintained for least 15 minutes, and the heat must be consistent throughout the food, fluid, and jar.)**
4. _C. botulinum_ spores cannot hatch in strong acid solutions of pH 4.6 or below. (Some sources claim pH 4.7.)
5. _C. botulinum_ cannot grow, develop, or multiply in food with a water content of less than 35%. (Food dehydrators have another set of toxic pests to worry about, see IV.6 about aflatoxin.) 

This means that you can eat even rotten meat if you heat it over 85C for at least 15 minutes. Soup ! . This multiplies hominin food supplies  by a factor of at least three .
And the pot ? A watertight woven basket with hot stones dropped in . See

8. Is the general nerve repair mechanism still operative ?
Like ALA
 See below Appendix 1

9. Veggie culprits:
In order : Potatoes , mushrooms . cauliflower , asparagus , kale
Microwaving is the problem . They have to be cooked at 100C for at least 15 minutes . Especially for those fractal (veggies or large (potatoes) .

10. interesting aside :
Athletes who eat microwaved heated food less than 15 min will suffer a decrease in performance due to low-grade botulinism nerve poisoning .

Regards from a decrepit 

Appendix 1

Botox and Anti-Botox.
Andre Willers
8 Dec 2012
Botox is a semi-hibernation drug . Look at the Sulfur in the molecule . Anti-botox would then be a variant of recovering from hibernation .
Discussion :
1.This explains a lot of things .
2.Why should a simple bacterium have evolved such a powerful block ? Because it is a left-over from hibernation systems .
3.It is far more than a simple acetylcholine block . It originally stopped nerve transmission dead , as part of the H2S hibernation .
4.The system treats the damage as peripheral neuropathy . This can be treated (see previous posts)
5.Reprogramming the astrocytes . See appendix I . The same thing .
They used continual electrical stimulation of the notochord . No training . the body repaired itself .I presume that the same will hold for anti-botox .
6. We would prefer a chemical . Luckily one is at hand :
The anti-botox .
Alpha lipoic acid .
7. What does all this crap mean ?
It means that you can freeze muscles by using botox , then unfreeze them in particular patterns using Alpha Lipoic Acid .
8.Small concentrations of botox puts muscles in hibernation . Smaller concentrations of ALA restores the non-frown bits .
9.Interesting question : How many anti-botox (ie anti-hibernation) points on the face are needed to show animation ? My guess is about six . Humans are simple .
10. The Good doctor can make money by taking away the wrinkles all over , and restoring them in the meaningful places . With full consent , of course .
11.I must admit . I did not expect a full Hibernation – antiHibernation system so ready at hand .

Lethargically yours
Appendix I
Paralysis breakthrough: spinal cord damage repaired

Paralysis may no longer mean life in a wheelchair. A man who is paralysed from the trunk down has recovered the ability to stand and move his legs unaided thanks to training with an electrical implant.
Andrew Meas of Louisville, Kentucky, says it has changed his life (see "I suddenly noticed I can move my pinkie", below). The stimulus provided by the implant is thought to have either strengthened persistent "silent" connections across his damaged spinal cord or even created new ones, allowing him to move even when the implant is switched off.
The results are potentially revolutionary, as they indicate that the spinal cord is able to recover its function years after becoming damaged.
Appendix II
Reprogramming it
Alpha lipoic Acid

Previous studies in animals with lower limb paralysis have shown that continuous electrical stimulation of the spinal cord below the area of damage allows an animal to stand and perform Lipoic acid (LA), also known as α-lipoic acid[2] and alpha lipoic acid (ALA)[3] is an organosulfur compound derived from octanoic acid. LA contains two sulfur atoms (at C6 and C8) connected by a disulfide bond and is thus considered to be oxidized (although either sulfur atom can exist in higher oxidation states)locomotion-like movements. That's because ...

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