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Social collapse to below Family Level

Societal collapse to below family level

Andre Willers
12 Apr 2013
Surprisingly , this has happened so frequently in the past that social institutions like organised religions and child-military have evolved to ameliorate the effect .
Discussion :
1.Primary symptom : children (usually ages 3-7) are expelled from the family group to make their own way . Today’s street children .
Children ages 0-3 simply die .
See Appendix I
2.Secondary symptom : the children band together for self-protection , usually in age bands of 3-8 , 8-13 , 13+ . The bonds are fanatical . They are still human with language and mirror-neuron structures .
3.Tertiary symptom : if resource-deprivation pressures continues , the adults of groups descended from children like these have no empathy . Evolutionary sociopaths . See Appendix III and Appendix IV , where this has actually happened . The society has collapsed to below family level . Children are only born out of ignorance . A child only has an utility as a better predator than rats , mice and other pests .
Can these adults still be defined as human ? fMRI of mirror-neuron networks should be able to give a better answer .
4.Societal adaptations :
4.1 Organised religion : really bad collapses like these led to the formation of storehouses of knowledge and materiel (usually called monasteries ) and distributive organizations (missionaries , charities , etc)
4.2Military usage .
See Appendix II
Child auxiliaries have always been used .
Children can pull a trigger and follow orders fanatically .
So , Child Gangs , with their fanatical bonding and ability to use modern firearms have an economic utility greater than free labour .
This premium utility has been exploited not only in Africa , but mainly in urban settings , where most of the children had been abandoned .
Organised crime , especially drugs and extortion recruit heavily from these strata .
Children with firearms make good soldiers .
An Interesting recent example :
The Central African Republic .
An elite South African parabat unit (200 highly trained men) was dealt a smarting defeat by about 1 500 child soldiers .
The main point is that the child-soldiers kept on coming , even after suffering heavy losses (about 2/3 of their numbers) that would have routed adult units . This is WW I stuff .
See . An 11 year old kept steady when the adults ran away .
Now give him an AK47 instead of a drum  , and you have the above result .
5.Rehabilitation :
They will need strong group-bonds  and strict boundaries . Like any military unit or monastic unit .
They will do very well with Canine or Dolphin units. After all ,  dogs taught humans about the rules of pack behaviour .
Their children should be ok , but epigenetic effects might play a role . Historical experience suggests that after 3 generations , the effects disappear into the wash of general human cruelty and indifference .
6.An Interesting Aside : Dogs , dolphins and religion :
Dogs (like combs) are so ubiquitous that they hardly mentioned .
6.1 Monastic orders with dogs :
6.2 Dogs are generally regarded as guardians to Heaven or Hell . Symbolically , this indicates awareness that rules of doggish pack behaviour are applicable to human social packs .
6.3 Something similar can be observed with dolphins . See Appendix V
7.What happens if you don’t rehabilitate them ?
We have two graphic examples that did not go well or end well  : Mamelukes and Janisseries . There are many more .
Child slaves were intensively trained and indoctrinated .
Well , children grow up .
The state lost the monopoly on armed force .
Essentially , they took over the state , but never assimilated (This was cleverly designed in) . Eventually they had to be annihilated .
Something similar happened at the collapse of Bronze Age Civilization . See Appendix VI .

“Under the Mamluk Sultanate of Cairo, mamluks were purchased while still young and were raised in the barracks of the Citadel of Cairo. Because of their particular status (no social ties or political affiliations) and their austere military training, they were often trusted. Their training consisted of strict religious and military education to help them become “good Muslim horsemen and fighters."[
“From 1380s to 1648, the Janissaries were gathered through the devşirme system. This was the recruiting of non-Turkish children, notably Balkan Christians; Jews were never subject to devşirme, nor were children from Turkic families. In early days, all Christians were enrolled indiscriminately; later, those of Albanian, northern Greek, and Serb origin were preferred.[6][7]
The Janissaries were kapıkulları (sing. kapıkulu), "door servants" or "slaves of the Porte", neither free men nor ordinary slaves (Turkish:köle).[8] They were subject to strict discipline, but they were paid salaries and pensions on retirement, and were free to marry; those conscripted through devşirme formed a distinctive social class[9] which quickly became the ruling class of the Ottoman Empire, rivaling the Turkish aristocracy in one of the four royal institutions: the Palace, the Scribes, the Religious and the Military. The brightest of the Janissaries were sent to the Palace institution Enderun, where the possibility of a glittering career beckoned.
According to military historian Michael Antonucci, every five years the Turkish administrators would scour their regions for the strongest sons of the sultan's Christian subjects. These boys, usually between the ages of 10 and 12, were then taken from their parents and given to the Turkish families in the provinces to learn Turkish language and customs, and the rules of Islam; these boys were then enrolled in Janissary training. The recruit was immediately indoctrinated into the religion of Islam. He was supervised 24 hours a day and subjected to severe discipline: he was prohibited from growing a beard, taking up a skill other than war, or marrying. The Janissaries were extremely well disciplined (a rarity in the Middle Ages).”
8.What to do  ?
Well , good luck with that .
Most of the problem lies inside the really big cities . This is where society has already collapsed below family levels . Not in some third world wasteland .
9. The core of the problem lies in a surprising source : Robert’s Rules of Order for meetings .
See for a summary of the rules .
The strength of a Democracy can be subverted by a small , organised group using the Rules . Especially the Chairman rule .
Once control of the Chairman and the Secretary is assured , the self-perpetuation of the cabal is ensured . The Secretary controls the official minutes , venue of meeting and who is notified . Any hostiles that manage to sneak through , simply is not recognised by the Chair .
This is how Stalin managed to take over the Russian Revolution . How the USA establishment works .
Three critical things have to be amended : try Wiki principles combined with Ostrum principles .
9.1 The Chair’s control on who is able to give input into the assembly .
9.2 The right to refer to a sub-committee .
9.3 The Secretary’s control over the minutes and meeting procedures .
You will notice that all three enables control of the democratic process . (Deny  a voice , bury it in committee , doctor the minutes or not notify somebody of a meeting) .
These are time-honoured techniques that result in hundreds of millions of child-soldiers infesting the cores of the cities .
10 Will anybody do anything ?
You must be joking .
Most likely , a Church Militant will evolve using these discarded husks of humanity to force a New Order .
But not a New Order as fondly imagined by the Bilderbergers .
More like something with Auschwitz as a Basic training camp .
The Ecstasy  of Apoptosis . This translates as Martyrdom . Pleasure at cellular level in self-sacrifice . This is programmed in at a deep level . Some very strong protocols to prevent external hijacking by opportunistic bacteria and viri .
Much more addictive than any opiate . After all , it can only happen once .
11.It has happened before . Many times .
12.Capsaicum and Death Cults .
Notice that cultures that eat a lot of capsaicums all have Death Cults . Without exception . Mexican (chili), Japanese (wasabi ,etc) , Hindu Kali(curry) , Hitler(peppers) and so forth . Why ? see it for mitochondrial spin rates .
Capsaicum induces apoptosis by interfering with the mitochondria spin rate . Speeding it up to destruction is apoptosis by cellular ecstasy . It hurts , but is pleasurable at cellular level .
Of course , you can make it always lethal . Look at the capsaicum molecule .
There is lots of space to tack on H2S groups . This will stop parts of mitochondria . Generate shear forces that rip mitochondria apart .
But in a cellular pleasurable way . The nervous system will perceive a mild burn .
Add an aerosol of melatonin to make the process irreversible (terminal anti-oxidant)

13. Why haven’t plants killed off animals ? They certainly have the capability , as seen above .
Remember PT Barnum . There is a sucker born every minute . And all animals are the suckers .
14. Estimate the size of planetary human population that Gaia will tolerate .
The answer is 16 billion .
The method is delicious , but very hot .
Every unit on the Scoville scale generates an apoptosis . Note that it is a naturally occurring substance (euphorbia for euphoria of apoptosis) , and as expected , there is no habituation in the apoptosis effect .
15. Old age , in other words .
The balance between euphorbia latex release , releasing resiniferatoxin and the gymnosperm density governs population control of humans , including old age . See
Look at the molecule . It is basically a molecular monkeywrench in three dimensions . The old capsaicum molecule rotated and twisted around about 2.5 times , with some gripper oxygen teeth on the inside . There are 4 . They grip the mitochondrium by the balls and regulate speed of spin . These can be selectively neutralised . Increasing lifespans by roughly factors of 2 , 3 , 4 , 4.5  .
“The Scoville scale may be extrapolated to express the pungency of substances that are even hotter than pure capsaicin. One such substance is resiniferatoxin, an alkaloid present in the sap of some species of euphorbia plants (spurges). Since it is 1000 times as hot as capsaicin, it would have a Scoville scale rating of 16 billion.
17. This molecule (Resiniferatoxin) is actually a real life Andre’s Demon . A close relation of Maxwell’s Demon .
See Appendix VII . Evolved to spin up mitochondria . But the problem with mitochondria is that they generate too much energy .   
Just look at the molecular structure : the paddle side gets hammered by random molecular impacts . This gets transmitted to the half-moon structures , rotating them . The paddle side is asymmetrical , giving a net force . Quite nifty , actually .
Much more efficient than photosynthesis .

18. I wish I could tell you how to control the contraption . It works , but too well .
Melatonin is like shooting the horse to stop the cart . Too drastic a brake . The various epigenetic controls (eg methylazation) . I simply don’t know. The molecules seems a bit large , but it is 3-dimensional and they can squeeze out at the sides , enabling a brake on the system .
It seems ridiculous that we die of old age because we can’t figure out a reliable way of braking mitochondria .

What we need is an app that taps and uses superfluous spin energy in the body .
The good news is that I can intuit that can be done .
The bad news is that I am not smart enough to do it .
 Lest you think I am drifting , consider what it would be like to produce and consume not half your bodyweight in ATP per day , but 400% or 500% . Which you can do easily .
That runny tummy after a curry? That is not the oil . That is disposal of dead cells after apoptosis because of the capsaicum in the curry . Ditto for alcohol .
As they said in Rome in the time of the Caesars : Ben Hur for curry in a hurry .

19 .I shudder to think if they developed the bicycle (high probability: they had roller bearings) .
We know that bicycles with firearms will beat horses with firearms . (Dien ben phu)
But will bicycles with pikes beat horse with swords or lances ?
I think the bicycles will win . They will quickly evolve to the modern equivalent of cross-country bikes . And these are superior to a horse as a weapons platform , except for mass in a shock charge .
The same problem of phalanx vs legion , pike against horse .
If the pike have same maneuvaribilty as the horse , the mass does not matter .
Would a Roman Legion on bicycles have defeated  the same number of Huns on horseback ?
More important is training time . Chain the troopie to the bicycle . Then you have near zero training time. Not nice , but when is war ever nice ?
20 What does this mean now ?
Combine fearless child-soldiers , mountain bikes and fire-arms and cellphones and you have a formidable combination .
In all big inner cities .
Appendix I
“Street child is a term for a child experiencing homelessness who primarily resides on the streets of a city
“UNICEF estimated that 100 million children were growing up on urban streets around the world.
Appendix II
Children were used in every age . But modern firearms (AK47) puts them pari-passu with soldiers .
USA : The second recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor was a 13 year old for an act of bravery when he was 11 years old .
Appendix III
“Children by age three are at least sometimes permanently expelled from the household and form groups called age-bands consisting of those within the same age group. The 'Junior Group' consists of children from the ages of three to eight and the 'Senior Group' consists of those between eight and thirteen. No adults look after the children, who teach each other the basics of survival. However, it is not certain whether this practice is typical Ik tradition or merely triggered by unusual famine conditions. Tainter[1] proposes this fragmentation to be an artifact of the dire circumstances where each person must depend on their own resources alone to find food and the age peers band together primarily to protect themselves from older stronger children who would take their food. He also argues that the present social fragmentation is the result of extreme deprivation on a more complex and functional culture, an argument also made by Turnbull.[2]
Appendix IV
I’ve just finished Joseph Tainter’s The Collapse of Complex Societies, and found the depiction of the Ik people of Northern Uganda to be fascinating, here’s an excerpt:
The Ik are a people of northern Uganda who live at what must surely be the extreme of deprivation and disaster. A largely hunting and gathering people who have in recent times practiced some crop planting … They are a morbidly fascinating case of collapse in which a former, low level of social complexity has essentially disappeared.
Due to drought and disruption by national boundaries of the traditional cycle of movement, the Ik live in such a food and water scarce environment that there is absolutely no advantage to reciprocity and social sharing. …
Each Ik will spend days or weeks on his or her own, searching for food and water. Sharing is virtually non-existent. Two siblings or other kin can live side-by-side, one dying of starvation and the other well nourished, without the latter giving the slightest assistance to the other. … The motivation for marriage or cohabitation is that one person can’t build a house alone. The members of a conjugal pair forage alone, and do not share food. …
Children are minimally cared for by their mothers until age three, and then are put out to fend for themselves. This separation is absolute. By age three they are expected to find their own food and shelter, and those that survive do provide for themselves. Children band into age-sets for protection, since adults will steal a child’s food whenever possible. … Groups of children will forage in agricultural fields, which scares off birds and baboons. This is often given as the reason for having children.
Although little is known about how the Ik got to their present situation, there are some indications of former organizational patterns. They posses clan names, although today these have no structural significance. They live in villages, but these no longer have any political meaning. The traditional authority structure of family, lineage, and clan leaders has been progressively weakened. It appears that a former level of organization has simply been abandoned by the Ik as unprofitable and unsuitable in their present distress.
Tainter’s book is an exhaustive study in how the marginal utility of complexity ultimately reaches a point of decline for all complex human societies. Complexity, from organizational hierarchies to defense, is administered to solve problems, but ultimately the payoff from increasing complexity dwindles and societies pursue further complexity to only maintain a status quo of living and governing conditions. And thus, as crises surge, the society is less able to cope and ultimately reaches a critical point when the dissolution of the society itself is the most optimal solution.”

Appendix V
“Drawn with an anchor, the dolphin represents alternately, the Christian soul anchored by Christ's teaching and guidance or Christ Crucified. Shown with a boat, it symbolizes the Christian or Church being guided by Jesus. If entwined around a trident, the dolphin portrays Christ Crucified. When pictured with an octopus, the dolphin shows Christ triumphing over Satan.”
Appendix VI
Great Gla .
Andre Willers
2 Jun 2011

Synopsis :
Gla (Arne in Homeric terms) was the greatest Fortress construction and irrigation works of the late Bronze Age .
After it's destruction , waves of devastation spread out all over the Eastern Mediterranean (Sea Peoples) . Trade partners in Western Europe and Britain also suffered decline .

Discussion :
The name :
"Gla" is proto-European , meaning Fortress . Remnants can be seen in "Glacis" and
"Glacier" .
"Arne" : See Appendix A .This was local and has vanished .

What happened to the Bronze Age ?
1.Population increased .
2.Trade increased pari-passu .
3.Elites increased even faster .
4.Climate started deteriorating .
5.Food supplies were under increasing pressure .
6.Twofold strategy to counter it:
6.1 Short term :Gla was constructed . Lake Kopais was drained .The area fed most of Greece. (See Appendix C)
6.2 Long term : Food was imported from cheaper production areas around the Black Sea .
7 .Pesky Trojans :
Troy was in a position to control food to humans and horses (military) in Greece
The choke-point through the Dardanelles .
Analogous to oil today .
8.Trojan War :
Homer is often criticized as having too large a  number of combatants . The suspicion is that the actual number was much larger towards the end .
It was a resources war . To the knife .
What was supposed to be a short , sharp war ended up in a long , drawn-out affair as more and more resources were thrown into the fray . Think WW I .
9. Logistical Mutual Destruction (LMD)
A variant of Mutual Assured Destruction  (MAD)
9.1 The Trojans bribed the Thessalians and Desmontes (the governor of Gla) to lay waste to the Gla foodbasket .
9.2 The Achaeans landed enough horses at Troy for cavalry to lay waste to the countryside around Troy . The Trojan Horse . Denying food .
10. Both sides collapsed , with refugees spreading out to all sides
11. Also called the Sea Peoples .
Thousands of veterans no longer had any homes to return to .
Odysseus was one of them  . The suitors for Penelope were desperate refugees .And he was a pirate .
12.The Inverse Sea Peoples .
Every armed man at Troy meant one not at home , ensuring law-and-order .
The cessation of an assured food supply from Gla  meant food riots .
Also plain revolution . Settlement of old scores (the Greeks were good at this) .
The major city-fortresses like Mycenae , Tiryns , etc were sacked , destroyed , burnt The surrounding peasants that supported the whole shebang skedaddled , and never returned to this day .
The self-styled rulers were not too popular . A peril of globalization , high interest rates and predatory banks (temples in those days)  .
13.The Dorians
They moved into this power-vacuum , pushing the refugees even further out .
What we would call ethnic cleansing .
(Something similar happened when the Angles and Saxons moved into Romano-Britain after the Roman Legions left .)
14 . A suitably Dark Age ensued , enabling new things .

15. The old was not forgotten , just not given a veto .
This is true after any revolution .

16. Population levels :
The archeological evidence from graveyards in Greece indicate a 95%  depopulation during this period . This seems excessive . Much more likely that they simply ran away , especially since they would have had ample warning . Refugees .
17 Written records :
Some die-hards would have carried written records . Look for Linear B in Canaanite countries . The Western and especially north-western shores of the Dead Sea should have the highest probability of old Linear B scripts . Refugees derived from the Sea Peoples would not hide things where religious sects would .

Think "Where would Odysseus hide it ?"
He would have hidden them  on the South-eastern and Southern slopes of Crete .
The Thera tsunamis would have reached about 100 meters , so ; look for caves above this .

18. A clue : the Cyclops legend . The Greeks did love their legends . The stupid man-eating giant with one eye is a perfect metaphor for their view of civilization .
This is where he would have hidden the libraries of Troy and the Greek version of the war .
Homer's description of the site is fairly exact . The shorelines at the time is available .
Anybody want to do a Schliemann ?
The Library of Troy would be extremely valuable .Homer does not even mention it . Yet this was what the whole war had been about .
The Contracts and the Contacts .

19. Look at what did not happen : trade between Black Sea states and Europe did not resume . Why not ?
Because Odysseus had scarpered with the whole lot . The real Treasure of Troy .
And he hid it . But ,by the time he got home , there was no longer a single state capable of utilizing the knowledge . He tried the Phoenicians and Carthaginians (Dido did not get diddled) .
Hoist by his own petard .
So , somewhere on Crete , the whole Troy library is still intact . There has been no ripple effects of it's existence till now . Well hidden , as expected .

I give it away for free just to spite jocks of his persuasion .

A bunch of kraters .

Andre .


Appendix A

Arne (mythology)

"In Greek mythology, Arne (Ἄρνη) or Melanippe (Μελανίππη) was a daughter of Aeolus and Melanippe (also Hippe or Euippe), daughter of Chiron. She was born as a foal as her mother had been transformed into a horse as a disguise, but was returned to the human form and renamed Arne. Aeolus entrusted her to the care of one Desmontes, however Poseidon fathered Aeolus and Boeotus with her while he was in the form of a bull. Enraged, Desmontes entombed and blinded her and placed her twin sons on Mount Pelion. She was later rescued by her sons and married king Metapontus of Icaria, and Poseidon restored her vision.
Through Boeotus, she was the ancestress of the Boeotians. A city named after her was recorded in
he Iliad's Catalogue of Ships which has been tentatively identified with the ruins of Gla."

Translate this from mythic terms
Arne was a Colony of mainly the Argos plains cities (Mycenae , Tiryns)
Betrayed by Desmontes (presumably a governor) , the city fell to the Thessalians (a rival nearby group) , then to the Dorians . The rich refugees fled east to the island of Icaria , while the poor ones became Boeotians . See Appendix B

Appendix B

"Sixty years after the capture of Ilium, the modern Boeotians were driven out of Arne by the Thessalians, and settled in the present Boeotia, the former Cadmeis.... Twenty years later, the Dorians and the Heraclids became masters of Peloponnese;" Thucydides


Appendix C

Gla (rarely Glas) (Greek: Γλα or Γλας) was an important fortified site of the Mycenaean civilization, located in Boeotia, mainland Greece



The site is located on a limestone outcrop or hill that jutted into Lake Kopais (now drained) or formed an island within it. The flat-topped outcrop rises up to 38m above the surrounding area. It measures circa 900 x 575m (at the widest point). The ancient name of the site is unknown, it is unclear whether it is one of the Boeotian places named by Homer (some scholars suggest that Gla is Homer's Arne). The scholarly designation "Gla" is from the Albanian word for fortification, the modern local population calls the site Paliokastro (Greek for "ancient fortress").[1]


Excavation revealed much detail about the fortification walls (which were always visible) and, on the interior, remains of buildings from the Mycenaean period. The fortification encloses an area of nearly 20 hectares, about 10 times as much as the Mycenaean citadels of Athens orTiryns.



The walls are built of medium-sized limestone blocks, mostly in theCyclopean masonry technique (ashlar masonry is employed at some of the gates). They have a total length of 2.8 km, are up to 6.75m wide and 3-5m high
Elaborate built ramps led to the gates. The fortification can be dated to early LH III B, that is, circa 1300 BC.

Draining of Kopais

Much of the area within the walls is vacant, leading archaeologists to believe that it served as a refuge for farmers in the area of Lake Kopais in the event of attack. It is suggested that the land dominated by the citadel of Gla served as the "bread basket" of the Mycenaean world. This is supported by the fact that Lake Kopais, the largest lake in southern Greece, had been drained by a system of dams and canals (one of the most astonishing achievements ofprehistoric engineering) at about the same time as the erection of Gla, producing a large fertile plain. The drainage system collapsed from destruction or neglect at or after the end of Mycenaean Civilisation; in Classical Antiquity, the lake existed again. It was drained a second time in the 19th century.

Appendix VII
Negative Kelvin Update .
Andre Willers
17 Feb 2011

Synopsis :
Laboratory achievement of negative Kelvin energy storage devices should be done during 2011.

Discussion :
See "Negative Kelvin"  Feb 2009 (Copied in Appendix A for ease of reference)

The experimental set-up is explained in

NewScientist 4 Dec 2010 p15 "How to venture below absolute zero"
And set out more formally in
Physical Review Letters , DOI:10.1103/PhysRevLett.105..220405
(Work by Mosk , Rosch and colleagues.)

Interestingly , this model also suggests that atoms in the negative-temperature state has relatively higher energy .
In other words , an energy storage device .

Their model does not use spin (ie chirping of laser-lattices) to speed things up .

Use of the Algorithm-generating tool in "P vs NP" Feb 2011 might give faster , sharper and stabler  results.

The Lady is only Fair  if she can Dance All Night .
(With apologies to Audrey Hepburn)



Appendix A

Negative Kelvin

Andre Willers
11 Feb 2009

Synopsis :
Negative degrees Kelvin temperature and high-density energy storage .

Sources :
ScientificAmerican Nov 2008 p40

Discussion .
The Second Law of Thermodynamics is found to hold for linear momentum transfers , as long as non-equilibrium systems are examined in fine enough detail , though extra dimensions of descriptions have to be added .

The problem lies in transfers of linear momentum to angular momentum and vice-versa .

This is easiest shown with  thought experiments :

1.The Maxwell Demons :
The Demons directs higher-speed molecules to one side and the lower-speed ones to the other side . After a large number of iterations , one side boils and the other side freezes .

2.The Andre Demons :
The Demons direct molecules onto target molecules to increase their spin (paddlewheel principle) . After a large number of iterations , you have a matrix of molecules with zero linear motion , where all the energy is locked into the spin .
This is a material at negative degrees Kelvin . Any impinging particle will first have to soak up some of the energy in the spin before influencing the linear momentum (especially if the rotating molecules are locked in a matrix) .

These are theoretical ideals .
Ironically , Andre demons are much more feasible than Maxwell demons .
We use existing technology , mainly magnetrons(as in microwaves) and laser tweezers for the finishing touches for really high-density storage .

How to make a strong energy storage capsule:
Take a very well temperature- and electronic  insulated capsule of hot water , put a strong electrical field across it to give a directional bias to the linear momentum of the water molecules .
In the same direction as the electric field , chirp the output of a magnetron at decreasing harmonic frequencies of 2.45 gigaHz .
The chirp has to be integrated with the Doppler-feedback from the spinning water-molecules(like a laser tweezer) . Some fancy electronics might be required .
This feedback process satisfies the Beth(1) requirements .

This spins a statistically significant number of water molecules using heat vibrations .
The capsule's measurable temperature decreases .
Repeat until desired energy density is achieved .

To tap it :
We can use the Reciprocity Relation (for which Onsager received the Nobel prize) to get a burst of electromagnetic-waves (laser weapon up to gamma ray wavelengths ) , or tap the EMW for electrons like a battery .

Biological systems .
It bothers me that present theory allows only mitochondria to use rotations .
Biological systems use anything available .
What about things rolling around on the cell-surface between receptor sites ?
Most viruses (like HIV) follows a circular configuration . A simple physical block preventing rolling between the CD4 and CCR5 receptors might prevent HIV infection.
Or spin the HIV virus using electromagnetic radiation at a resonant frequency , reducing the incidence of docking .

This is a Beth(1) technology .

And so it twirls .

Andre .


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