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Grovelling for Survival .

Grovelling for Survival

Andre Willers
25 Apr 2013
Synopsis :
Evolution is 1/3 competition and 2/3 cooperation . This is reflected in human word frequencies . humans grovel through alliances , or plain abasement .
Discussion :
1. The 1/3 ratio’s have been established in in . They are universal , but interpretation can be tricky .
2.See Appendix A . The synonym-antonym ratio’s . This can do with considerable expansion , but the pattern seems clear . Cooperation is favoured by 2/3 .
3. Why grovelling ?
Because most social systems are hierarchical in a fractal fashion .
The Sierpinsky systems optimize on obedience . Ie grovelling . Every human is both a tyrant and a groveller .
4. A teensy conflict . There is a bottom floor on the optimum number of grovelers , namely 1 263 .
5. This churns the system .
As the system grows more efficient , there is less room for new entrants . This leads to revolution .
Typical is  Luther : “Here I stand; I can do no otherwise. God help me. Amen!”
Speech at the Diet of Worms (1521), reported in Josiah Hotchkiss Gilbert, Dictionary of Burning Words of Brilliant Writers (1895), p. 186; and in Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. (1919).

6. How to grovel :
Amazingly , I could find only one website on this important social skill .
Are we supposed to grow up knowing how to cooperate , grovel , compete ? They laughingly call it socialization . No wonder there is such a plethora of human and physical ruins due to civil wars . See;postID=2256036101825330840;onPublishedMenu=template;onClosedMenu=template;postNum=18;src=postname
I could not find any Dummy or Idiots guide on how to grovel . Or anything on Google . Yet it is a fundamental skill to survive in any hierarchical social system .
7.  How to be a bully .
The companion volume .
Obedience in 1/3 of the population can only be compelled . (Laws) . For this we need enforcers . Bullies .
8. Most humans are simultaneously bullies and grovelers . The trick is to do it so the social is fabric  is enhanced .
 All that yakkity-yak about discipline and leadership .
This can be trained , but can we have some manuals ?
9.Teenagers :
They really need it . Even whenthey want to grovel , they don’t know how to . This appears as rebelliousness to the parent .
“Hear and tremblingly obey !”

Appendix A
I added some words . More work is needed . But the ratio of antonyms to synonyms is about 1/3 , as expected .
Synonyms for grovel
crawlcringefawn, fawn upon, begsneakstoopkneel, crouch before,trucklekowtowimploretoadyspongecowersnivelbeseechwheedle,blandishflattercater tohumorpamper, curry favor with, make much of,court, act up to, play up to*, beg for mercy, prostratereverenceeat humble pie*, soft-soap*, butter up*, make up to*, kiss one's feet*, lick the dust*, dance attendance on*, lick another's boots*, knuckle under*, polish the apple*, eat dirt*, brown-nose*, suck up to*, shine up to*, kiss up to*. (45 items)
ANTONYMS hate*, spurnscorn.boast , swagger ,strut ,refuse , recalcitrant ,uncooperative , rebellious , treacherous, revolutionary , seditious , ungovernable  ( 14 items)
Ratio of synonyms to (synonyms+antonyms) = 45/69= 0.65. .

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