Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Open Letter to President Zuma

An open letter to President Zuma

Andre Willers
10 Apr 2013
Synopsis :
The two primary problems for the State (Private armies and youth unemployment)  can solve each other .

 Discussion :
1.       The State has to have a monopoly on armed force . Else you have roving gangs of armed thugs triggering unending waves of revenge . (See Jared Diamond “The world until yesterday”)
2.       These private armies recruit out of the unemployed youths , making things worse .
3.       South Africa has an easy solution : there are three major private armies (called Security Forces) based on the cores of old SADF forces. Well-trained NCO’s and officers .
4.       The President can simply draft all these forces into the SANDF as NCO’s with fast-track officer status and open the Army to the unemployed youth . Gangsters get drafted . Teachers as well .
5.       Logistics :
6.       Money : This will cost a lot . BRICS will pay , especially China and India . Part of the BRICS treaty . BRICS cannot do business in Africa while there are a bunch of warlords running around . Sensitive installations like the big gas fields need absolute security . But they need an African force to do it (else it will get worse).
7.       People of gangster ravaged territories will pay for African Empire Law based on the RSA constitution . (They will , squeal , of course .) Consider the alternatives .
8.       Training : usually the bottleneck . To ramp up a significant force of two million men needs a lot of NCO’s . South Africa has at least one million NCO’s in the three large private security forces .
9.       Equipment : this is merely a question of money . South African production lines can easily be ramped up (they are still there) Interim arms are available .
10.   Hyenas : This is an Empire of Africa . It has to have a monopoly on armed force . Arms dealers have to deal only with it , or get out .
11.   Law :
The ancient Roman Secret Weapon . The South African Constitution is better than most .
Backed up by formidable policing . Each military unit should have a Law Officer . A pain , but necessary if you want it to last .
12.   Titles : Democracy has mostly failed in Africa. European titles like King and Emperor likewise . Do what Caesar did .
“Bayete Nkosi “ . It is essential that the Legions use this exact term in saluting the Head of State .

Summary : An African Peacekeeping Force of two million men can be  assembled and equipped within about a year . This will be funded by all peaceloving nations under the South African Constitution .

Bayete Nkosi !

Andre Willers

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