Wednesday, April 10, 2013

North Korean Nuclear Strike

North Korean Nuclear Strike

Andre Willers
10 Apr 2013
Synopsis :
The highest probability for a North Korean nuclear strike is on Monday , April 16 at co-ordinates 21.25226 , -157.94220. The device is probably already in place (sunken ship) .
Discussion :
The Korean leader thinks he can win by shocking the West by an atrocity attack . He is sincerely convinced that the West is effete and corrupt, and that a sudden shock will open their pockets . A version of a Cargo Cult . Or plain extortion . He knows that normal war preparations are meaningless , and quite prepared to write off his entire army (+- 1 million) if he wins his strategic goal .

Honolulu was chosen . A soft target , with few defences . The Korean nuclear weapons are bulky , so the missiles will be used as misdirection . The actual weapon will probably be a 20-30 kiloton yield , swaddled in heavy neutron absorbents . In a ship or boat .Maximal effect would be subsurface (+- 100 m) detonation where the resultant tsunamis will build up in the basins , like Honolulu .

Placement has probably already been done . Watch for a ship that disappeared .
They might also try for LA , San Francisco or Guam . But neutron detectors should pick them up . A case of shoot on sight . Do not let the ship sink . Nuke it if necessary .

It is irresponsible to let North Korea play with these toys .

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