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Low grade Botulism Poisoning : Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and Huperzine A as simple amelioratives .

Low grade Botulism Poisoning : Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) and Huperzine A as simple amelioratives .

Andre Willers
30 Apr 2013
This is definitely not medical advice . Consult your health professional .
Synopsis :
Peripheral Neuropathy and Botulism Poisoning both involve killing the butons in the nerve . Alpha Lipoic Acid and Huperzine A helps to repair these structures .
Discussion :
1.       Prevent further damage : Huperzine A . See Appendix B  , C and D .
2.       Repair damage already caused : See Appendix A .
3.       Tamoxifen might help : see Appendix E
4.Argument :
ALA definitely helps with Peripheral Neuropathy . (Appendix A) . The mechanism is still a bit black box .
Botulism poisoning involves the same mechanism (buton killing) . (Appendix D , E)
This involves the acetylcholinesterase -   acetylcholine balance . (Appendix C)
Huperzine A shifts the balance to acetylcholine . (Appendix B)
When things have gone to hell in a handbasket , tamoxifen might help (Appendix E)
5.Low-Grade Nerve-Poisoning from Technology : (NerveZap)
5.1 Peripheral Neuropathy .
See Appendix F .
Acrylamide is the main culprit . Caused by heating food ever 120C . Fire technology .
5.2 Low-grade botulism poisoning :

A low grade technological epidemic caused by microwaves and fridges . 
Spotty heating by microwaves , then halting of further botox production by refrigeration . 
But every time the food is taken out of the fridge , a few bugs start multiplying again . 
There would be cross-contamination via utensils as well . 

But why doesn’t the oxygen kill the anaerobic botulism bacteria ?
Because the little bugs don’t kill that easily .

Because little pockets (micro-droplets) of water of de-oxygenated water shrink-wraps around spores and even bacteria if the temperature does not destroy them .
Especially in fractal veggies like cauliflower or broccoli . Unpeeled potato surface micropits .

Even worse , they re-evolve the ability to switch between anaerobic and aerobic respiration .

The result is a massive , low-grade epidemic of nerve damage .
6. Personal anecdotal :

My symptoms of low-grade botox poisoning cleared up dramatically after I chucked 
out all suspect foods (we had trouble with our fridge , but I thought the veggies would be safe) and took ALA . 
Dosage 2X250 ALA per day .
The effects were dramatic . 90% of the muscular weakness cleared up in 24 hours .

 I did know about Huperzine A then , but will try it . If it works for Alzheimers , it might help for Parkinsons and Restless Leg Syndrome .
Tamoxifen I will leave to the professionals .
7. An interesting aside :
There is a proven biomedical device for Peripheral Neuropathy  amelioration .

This is a well-known and clinically proven machine usually touted for pain-relief . 
It should be interesting to see whether it would work with Botox .
If so , it would add another very useful chisel to the BioSculptor’s Toolbox.
Between Botox , ALA , Huperzine A and APS , who needs plastic surgery ?
The Shapeshifters of Terra strike again !
The mind boggles.
Appendix A
Mostly about Peripheral Neuropathy (PN) , but ALA helps for botulinum toxin too .
19246421 In a double blind crossover study in Taipei of botulinum toxin type A for diabetic neuropathy, there was significant improvement at 3 months post-injection.
About US$ 0.14 per 250 mg capsule .
Appendix B
“Nature also provides nerve gas antitoxins.  Nerve gas interrupts the normal transmission of nerve impulses by altering levels of acetycholinesterase, the enzyme that degrades the nerve transmitter acetycholine. Huperzine A, a derivative of Chinese club moss, has been suggested as a pre-treatment against nerve gases.  [Annals Pharmacology France, January 2000]  The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research conducted studies which revealed that huperzine A protects against nerve gas poisoning in a superior manner to physostigmine, a long-standing anti-nerve toxin.drug.  [Defense Technical Information Center Review, Volume 2, December 1996]  Huperzine A is available as a food supplement at most health food stores.  Suggested dosage is 150 mcg per day.  Pretreatment is advised prior to nerve gas exposure.
“Huperzine A is also an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor, which has a mechanism of action similar to donepezil, rivastigmine, and galantamine. A pro-drug form of huperzine A (ZT-1) is under development as a treatment for Alzheimer's disease.[3]
About US$ 0.14 per 200mcg
Appendix C
Botulinum inhibits the body's production of acetylcholine within the nervous system, the chemical that produces a bridge across synapses, where nerve cell axons and dendrites connect with each other. All forms lead to paralysis that typically starts with the muscles of the face and then spreads towards the limbs.[10] In severe forms, it leads to paralysis of the breathing muscles and causesrespiratory failure. In light of this life-threatening complication, all suspected cases of botulism are treated as medical emergencies, andpublic health officials are usually involved to prevent further cases from the same source.[10]
Appendix D
Buton’s :
where Botox and Peripheral Neuronal damage occurs .
Botox causes destruction (not just paralysis) of the butons of the peripheral motor nerves. They grown back slowly, which is why repeated injections 6-18 months later are usually required as well.

What is a buton ?
“Figure 3.1: When the axon arrives at a target cell it encounters one of the cells
extruded processes - a dendrite- where it makes a connection. To help things
along the connection is made at a buton, a micro-extrusion that provides a
site for the connection. As shown, the collection of dendrites is peppered with
butons, to accommodate the many tens of thousands of incoming signals.”
Appendix E
An extreme case . Tamoxifen ?
See http://jnnp.bmj.com/content/55/1/71.full.pdf . Full blown buton die-off ?

Appendix F
Peripheral Neuropathy of Legs. A Cure.
Andre Willers
20 Apr 2010

My Birthday Present to fellow sufferers .

A methodology for reducing chronic symptoms (95%)  and repairing nerves .

Data from my personal experience .
1.Use APS as for lower back pain once a day (8 min) . Unease relief 80%-85% .
2.Use capsaicum on upper thighs . Before sleep . Unease relief 10% . The need for this will decrease after about 5-7 usages of APS usage .
3. Keep blood-glucose concentration <=6.5
4. Do not eat high acrylamide foods
5.Take alpha-lipoic acid . 250 mg (1+2+1)  per day initially .Taper .
Beware reflux . An amusing side effect . Rejection reflexes of crap food are repaired .
Not beloved by the fast-food industry .
(Pregnant women should not take this in large doses. )

Discussion :
The pathology is caused by damage to the nerves , (especially the long leg-nerves) by high glucose concentrations in DiabetesII and Acrylamide from diet .

How it works:
The pain-pulses of damaged nerve A arrive at the synapses in the lower back (spine) . Here , certain specialized glial cells count the frequency and duration . To prevent the gate-effect of pain impulses to mask further pain signals of further tissue damage from other nerves , these cells take on the function of automatically pulsing pain signals as if from nerve A , while inhibiting the damaged nerve A's signal .

This enables other damage signals to come through , preventing further damage .
This has obvious evolutionary advantages in preventing cascading damages .

The problem is that , even if damage to nerve A has been repaired , the off-switch of this mechanism may not work . Or the damage to nerve A might remain .

See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com "Peripheral Neuropathy" et al .
Chronic neuropathy results from the inability to activate the "Off" switch in microglial and astrocyte bodies in the dorsal root ganglion .
See Scientific American Nov 2009 p 33 .

A further teensy problem is that , even if there was a temporary repair , if the chronic condition (like too high glucose or acrylamide concentrations) the microglial and astrocyte bodies get re-triggered . And they would be sensitized as well .

The Methodology :
1.Drastically reduce the pain impulses from the microglial and astrocyte bodies in the dorsal root ganglion . For this we use the APS technology , with electrodes configured for "Back Pain" .
See http://andreswhy.blogspot.com "ATP as Neurotransmitter"

I originally bought this machine in 2001 for Neuropathy leg pains , but put the electrodes on the legs . This had little or no effect . Only after reading the article :
See Scientific American Nov 2009 p 33  did I realize that the chronic pain is generated in the lower back .
Putting the electrodes on the sides of the lower hip as recommended for lower back pain led to a reduction of that chronic burning unease sensation of 80-85 percent.
After about 4-7 days .

Some of the remainder of unease could be ameliorated by using gate-theory : capsaicum . Just smear it on the thighs . This generates pain signals that compete at the lowest spine ganglia , but unfortunately the system habituates easily . .

This brings us to about 95% of unease .

At least I could sleep without analgesics .

But there are still twinges .

The damage to the nerves still exist . The neuropathic pain will quickly re-establish itself . We are just managing the condition , not curing it .

The Cure :
Repair the nerves , while keeping the damaging agents under control .
The damaging agents are too high concentrations of glucose and acrylamide .
Keep them under control via diet or insulin .

The repair is enhanced by alpha-lipoic acid (evening primrose oil).
Take supplements .

Desensitizing the system :
A really permanent , buffered system . I do not have that .
Working ,working ….

A promising lead is propranolol . Reprogramming memories at synapse level (ie the microglial and astrocyte bodies in the dorsal root ganglion .)
Google "propranolol PTSD"

Happy Birthday !



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