Thursday, October 09, 2014

Ebola and Insurance

Ebola and Insurance

Andre Willers
10 Oct 2014
Synopsis :
Insurance companies can and will destroy the Tourist Industries in overreaction to Ebola . Shipping will be affected as well . Effective quarantine as insurance becomes unavailable .
Discussion :
1.You will have to be really , really healthy to go anywhere .
The end of the Jet-set .

2.What do you do with an Ebola-contaminated aircraft or ship ?
They are nearly impossible to decontaminate .

3.If Governments lack the will to take the necessary shut-down steps , the Insurance companies certainly will . 
If you get on a plane knowing there is an Ebola risk , insurance will not cover you .
Ditto for ships .
Fancy being member of a crew with suspected ebola members aboard ?
Passenger ships will be even more paranoid .

4.This will effectively ground the planes and ships to and from  certain destinations . 
Lack of a coherent and believable policy by nations will destroy the economies of many tourist countries .
In most of Africa and Europe , tourism plays the role of distribution of surplus wealth .
Ie  , it lowers global Gini .
A few rich nations cowering behind armed plague barriers surrounded by desperate ebola-fodder does not seem healthy .
No wonder they are fortifying the Balkans and Ukraine . Not to mention the Urals .

All food importers will starve . The grain will rot in the producer warehouses , and the cargo ships will be mothballed  .

5.This has happened before .
The most famous case is the destruction of British Empire trade after Churchill signed the notice that the Royal Navy would  not protect shipping (in 1914) .
Catastrophe ! No ship would sail without insurance clearance .
The trade empire ground to a halt . 
Many entire nations were ruined overnight (Argentina being the main one . They still have not recovered .)

6.You can always walk . And walk they will .
The Volkewanderungs have only started .

7.Flashpoints are northern borders of old Ottoman empire , Mexican-US border , US-Canada border , all African borders , all Mediterranean shores , etc
8.The new cattle-class : the Uninsurables .
Coming to a transport hub near you !

Self-insurably yours


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