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Hysterical Focus Update I

Hysterical Focus  Update I

Andre Willers
24 Oct 2014
Synopsis :
Hysterical Foci are increasingly used . Mostly as distraction . Except for Isis.
Discussion :
1.What is a Hysterical Focus ?

1.1Social species communicate to designate prey or threats . This includes plants .
1.2.There are hardwired mechanisms that co-opt the members of a species into coordination against a threat or to attack a designated prey .
1.3 Some signals cross species barriers , either accidentally , or more usually by evolutionary design .
2. Inside the Ignition of an Hysterical Focus .
The process is non-linear .

A few people have extreme effects .
In a small-world network , they control the long-distance connectors (like radio , TV , print ,etc)
See Appendix A
Hysterical foci form easily if a quorum of Ostrum Principles are present
Which is one of reasons why they are becoming more frequent .

An oopsie! Mistake shifted into an Hysterical Focus . QE now in focus .

Item 2.Hysterical frenzies (the major danger with humans)
We have just seen this in Northern Africa (Tunisia ,Egypt ,Libya) with more to follow.
These states tried to smother the communications media (internet , facebook , cellphones ,twitter , etc) by forcing the service providers to deny service .
This did not work .
abrupt Hysterical Foci driven by food prices and shortages and focussed by social media like “Occupy Wall Street”
Happens every time food prices go up or famine hits .

A Quiet Hysterical focus .
Focussing a life of quiet despair into action .

8. Humans are learning to use the Hysterical Focus ,
Mostly for distraction .
The movement of the Hysterical Focus from the Financial Crisis to the Mexican-flu Crisis enables the measures put into place to ameliorate the Financial Crisis to take effect without too much further interference from the Focus .
Calico : A major new human initiative in Anti-ageing enterprise has been launched by Google .
 A deliberate Focus .
See also

10. A really , really major Hysterical Focus started forming , and is still intensifying .
The elite are also getting into the act .

Another quiet focus self-assembling .

13. Weapons
A perennial human favourite , though they are not very good at it .
The following are all foci forming .
Zevatrons .

Rogue Swan . Probability manipulation .

Make humans smarter .

Bio systems  tailor memories via EM radiation .

Ancient non-human civilizations .

Miscellaneous :  Planar implosion-powered explosive .  Climate and weather weapons . Kinetics .  Make a pocket universe and inflate it in our locale .  Energy taps if you don’t piss off the locals too much .

And something old-fashioned , for the future (if any) .

And the end …

Also ,



Appendix A
Inside the Ignition of an Hysterical Focus.
Andre Willers
28 Jun 2010

Synopsis :
The spontaneous formation of order into a random set of 40 million diverse humans grew out of at most 50 humans , but the tinder was dry .

Discussion :
I was privileged to follow the ignition process . I never thought I would experience this rather rare phenomenon .

I was listening to CapeTalk 567 , a talk radio program in the Western Cape .
At about 10h00 on 4th June 2010, they reported receiving numerous SMS , emails , twitter and calls about delays in the issuing of tickets .

I expected the whole thing to die down , as disgruntled citizens just gave up on it as another example of incompetence . (Sepp Blatter's nephew was in charge)

The opposite happened .
Really amazing !
The small group interaction of the queuer's via twitter , SMS, emails , cellphone was amplified by the inrush of new connectors because of long-range network information systems like CapeTalk radio .

By 11h00 the tone had been set . Note network theory . The long-range network elements like Twitter and TalkRadio had spread and the resultant inpour of messages escalated the system into a runaway positive feedback system .

By 12h00 the system had lurched into the present benign mode of "Foreigners with money-good , foreigners like Zimbabweans , Somalis – bad : get them later ."
This will get externalised  as wars .

The sheer speed of it was amazing . By the afternoon , I was living in an entirely new society .

This is typical of an Hysterical Focus .
A seemingly trivial matter precipitates a phase change , focusing large-scale frustrations into a Focus . The Focus then fractures the society in totally unforeseen ways . When the breaks anneal , you have a new , more competitive society (cf French Revolution) .

Has it happened before ?
Yes , but they had to work hard at  it . Newspaper owners in the USA , UK  (Like Hearst) thought they could ignite Hysterical Foci . They could , but only with months of saturation propaganda .

Barack Obama got elected mainly because of a minor ignition of the effect via Facebook .

Can it happen again ?
Of course . It is every marketer's wet dream . A small , controllable group influencing millions of other people .

Why Twitter ?
The interesting point here is that this is first hint of a workable system to break the 150 person tribal ceiling . This ceiling is hard-wired in by genetic , epigenetic and meme systems . Twitter paradoxically bypasses  this by the limitation on number of characters allowed (140 , amusingly near the tribal ceiling . Not surprising) .

The right of reply and fairness .
Fairness is hardwired in humans . Abuse of Right of reply leads directly to systems like Twitter , where there is no reply . 140 characters cannot give sufficient data-space
The lack of fairness can only be compensated for by large numbers of twitters of various other persuasions . The totality sums .

We can actually put some numbers on this :
See "Inside of zero " and others . We need only 26 different centers of uniqueness to describe any  particular Universum .

This translates into a minimum necessary sufficient of 27 individuals to ignite a Hysterical Focus .
Notice that 26=27-1
This is known as God's Mercy .
Infinite descent is possible .

The cocktail party .How many guests to invite .At last we can put a minimum number to it . And it is 27 .

Bagh. I am sick and tired of it .


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