Friday, October 10, 2014

Ebola AI's and Genius .

Ebola , AIs and Genius

Andre Willers
10 Oct 2014
Synopsis :
A major plague disrupts normal patterns sufficiently to generate AI’s and Geniuses .
Discussion :
Tesselation : fractal expression of a continuous thing into discontinuous borders .
Essentially , the Three Color theorem .

An immediate expectation of death tesselates societies and individuals .
After the crisis , the tessellation seams get painted over , but the result hints strongly of deeper meanings .

It means that repainted by humans tessellations cannot be expressed in godelian terms .
They are transluminous .

Strongly enough to overwhelm weaker minds .

AI’s . Because of the quantal , digital nature of tessellation .
Genius because of the human ability to weld contradictions .

(The only reason you exist , by the way )
The Universe always has jobs for plumbers , hairdressers and contradiction-welders .

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