Monday, October 20, 2014

Ebola and Money

Ebola and Money

Andre Willers
20 Oct 2014
“Price above Value”
Synopsis :
Ebola Plague is caused by monetary laxness .
Discussion :
1.Not the disease . The epidemic .
The epidemic has two causes :
1.1   Lax controls
1.2   No incentives to develop or market a cure

2.What if each dollar was an AI ?
How would it act ?
Smart money 
Think of AI money making its own decisions .
Fleeing predators .
Now think of how smart Money would see money-ebola : a loosening of boundaries and constraints .

Like organisms , money requires Law to keep existing . 
Loosen that , and it hemorrhages to death .
In the process , it takes on the attributes of a parasite : it’s meme’s leak into the minds of the flesh brains .
Bean counters , money obsessed sociopaths , and their ilk also become a plague .
The two meme-systems feed on each other in feedback loops .
The result is a frenzy of “Fear and Loathing on Wall Street” .
Inflation , deflation , QE , sub-prime loans , etc.
Which is happening now .

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

3.But what is the link between Ebola and Money-ebola ? 
One suspects the breakdown of constraints on the behaviour of big Pharmacological companies .
Control measures like vaccines and basic research is not being done .
Even if known , it is not implemented . Remember HIV ? 
There is the horrible suspicion that they have an effective vaccine against Ebola , but it is too cheap to make a profit .
The Clipboard man below is not worried . He is vaccinated .

4. Where are our Champions of Immortality ?
Especially L Craig Venter .
He has the resources to solve the vaccine problem within about a week .
See  An humongous concentration of capital and skill  (Note how L Craig Venter has morphed into J Craig Venter)
Or perhaps they have already done so .
While killing of most of the human race is seen as an attractive option by the-end-justifies-the-means mob , it has already been tried.
It didn’t work then , and it won’t work now .
Extinction would be the more likely result at present .
5. See the other Champions :

6. Maybe they are hiding in an Atlantis Colony ?

7.Perhaps this calls for an Emetic of Ethics
8. This will recur with increasing frequency until the end state of a Oligarchy of Scientifically advanced Priest-Kings over a large peasantry .
Orwell was wrong . It seems to be a sandal , not a boot .
9.Singularity :
This will bubble up in some of the oligarchic groups .
Though , seeing the interest of other entities in this locale , it will be aggressively exported .
Some interesting wars shaping up  as everybody is getting smarter .

Don’t forget the probability warping systems of
A system without ethics will destroy itself if it tries to utilize these weapons .

“Ethics is the ultimate in self-interest if both can nova the stars”  AW

Self-interestedly yours


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